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Donate Car to Charity


What do you do with a car you no longer want but cannot take the time to sell it? You donate it to a charitable cause and feel good about it, isn’t that the way you do it? No, it is not the way you do it. There is more involved here then just taking the car to the nearest charitable organization and leaving it there with a fond farewell. You have to contend with places like the IRS and the Department of Motor Vehicles and any other place that may have a stake in your good deed. Here is a partial list of some of the things that should be done for your own safety.

* Middlemen abound when they know there are a few dollars to be made from a charitable person, after all they know you are making the donation because you do not have the time to make a sale. These middlemen are for profit organizations and will be pleased to help you make your donation for about fifty percent to ninety percent of the vehicle’s value.

* Check directly with the charity you want the money to go to and see if they accept vehicle donations. If they do not then do a little research until you find a reputable charity that does accept vehicle donations.

* If you must use a middleman then be sure to ask how much of you vehicle’s value will actually go to charity. If the middleman’s organization gives the charity flat fees, your vehicle donation may not be eligible for a tax deduction.

* In order to get a tax deduction, the charity must be an approved 501 (c)(3) organization. If your charity is a religious organization it will probably qualify, but you should check it out first. If you do not know of an organization, you can find out from the Internal Revenue Service website and they will have one listed there.

* If you want to save the charity money then deliver the vehicle yourself so that they will be spared the expense of hiring a driver.

* Be sure to transfer the title to the charity and notify your State Department of Motor Vehicles that a transfer has been made. Do not ever leave the space where ownership should be entered blank.

* Be sure that you have the vehicle appraised before you make the donation and get a copy of the appraisal. If the vehicle is worth more than five hundred dollars you will need the appraisal for your tax deduction. IRS will not accept your assessment of the value of the vehicle.

Be sure that you have a complete paper trail of everything you have done in order to protect yourself with the IRS and to avoid any vehicle problems like parking tickets being listed to you after you have left the vehicle with the charity.

Donating our vehicle to charity is not as easy as it seems. Feel free to visit donate car to charity and car donation.

Making Use Of Nintendo DS To Watch Film – A Number Of Guidelines To Consider


It’s quite common for all of us to get a NDS Lite nowadays. You can easily play plenty of games with it. Lots of people are having fun with it on the street. We could get more entertainment whilst we’re traveling. However, one thing you might not realize is that you could also utilize the console to play movies.

So, you may want to start viewing movies using your console at this point. As a matter of simple fact, it might be possible to listen to MP3s by using it. You’ll never feel boring when you are traveling. And this is why the handheld console is so well-liked.

Now, allow us to talk about exactly why it is important to make use of the console to play movies. Yes, it is extremely true you could buy a mini movie player. You can also purchase a music player. Yet, you need to put 3 products in your pocket in this instance. You cannot really want to do so since it will likely be quite inconvenient.

To be able to play movies and MP3 on your console, it is a must that you should purchase a distinct equipment. This machine can help you turn your gaming system into a video and audio player. It’ll be effortless to purchase it from a local shop. Of course you can also think about purchasing it on the web.

With the device mentioned above, you may not solely play movies and MP3. It’s also possible to open PDF files on your own console. This implies that you’ll be in a position to read PDF electronic books using your Nintendo DS Lite. This is often a good idea since lots of people prefer ebooks rather than physical books nowadays.

However, it is usually true that you simply need to play the games after you buy the gaming system. As a result, it may also be recommended for you to discover low-cost games. It’s not always easy to do so. Yet, you may attempt to go online to see if there are ways to get affordable video games.

It is possible to purchase used game titles on auction web sites. If you do so, you need to be sure that the seller is actually a reliable person. You can check the rating of the seller on eBay. On the contrary, it is additionally probable for you to download free Nintendo DS games from a few download websites.

To download free Nintendo DS games, it is usually significant to possess a SD card. A flash cart can also be a must. Before you buy such equipments, you must go on the net to search for various choices. You must try your very best to search for the products which will fit your needs.

The author writes content articles on Download Free Nintendo DS Games . Make sure to read more on Downloadable DS Games.

Top 11 Paying and Most Searched Keywords on Google and Yahoo


If you have a website, write articles, or want to profit through an affiliate program than this is gold to you! These keywords are the actual top 11 on the internet. Use them and you are on your way to increased traffic, profits and results. Here they are and a little about each to help you on your way.

1) Paris Hilton. Whether we like it or not Paris and her wild lifestyle are here to stay as she is now considered one of the biggest stars. She is sought after by almost every fashion designer and her keywords will do well with any fashion or clothing content.

2) Google. Well, this one is obvious as Google is the largest search engine (regardless what Yahoo says). Being that Google is a search engine it can be used in any content, but works best with relation to websites, search engines, computers and software.

3) Yahoo. The second largest search engine and distant second on Pay per Click campaigns – very, very distant at that. The same will work for Yahoo. Stick with computer related material and you will do well.

4) Ebay. The worlds largest marketplace and auction. Ebay, for the most part is a wholesale marketplace. It is ruled by feedback and can give you a good idea as to the real value of a car (check Ebay motors). On Ebay anything goes including people selling tattoo advertising on themselves. In other words, anything can be linked to Ebay in one way or another. Yes, there is even porn on Ebay.

5)Eminem. Yes, the real slim shady is back. According to R and B and rap he never left as he is the number one rapper currently. If you need content on current music or teen and young adult topics Eminem is sure to bring you visitors.

6) Britney Spears. She was the hottest pinup for teens and preteens, but now she is probably pregnant again. I wonder why Kevin Federline didn’t make the list – is it that he isn’t a good singer? Britney is great for adolescent or music related

7) mapquest. Want to know where something is or how to get there. Being that we are getting closer to summer people are plotting out there vacations. Or, maybe, due to increasing gas prices thanks to George Bush, maybe they are figuring that its too far and will cost too much in gas. I bet if Hillary Clinton were President these gas prices wouldn’t be any higher than $ 1.60 per gallon. These high gas prices have to do with the Bush family and their ties to big oil and energy. See, Mapquest can be linked to just about any content you want if you just try a little.

8) Tsunami. Even though the big one is over. Relief efforts are still in effect and so are the relief efforts for Katrina. Hint – these people still need lots of help. Tsunami is probably a big keyword due to the recent specials on TV about the next possible tsunami that might hit America. People are concerned and interested over these large scale natural disasters. When is the next earthquake going to hit California, will atsunami hit New York, and what will this hurricane season bring?

9) Girls. Yes, of course. There are millions of perverts and closet perverts out there that are a little over-fascinated with girls. As Donald Trump once said, “sex sells.” Yes it does and nothing sells better than women or girls. They can sell anything including the worst items in infomercials and complete scams. A beautiful girl just needs to show a little cleavage and TV ratings soar. Just think what girls can do for your content.

10) American Idol. This is the top rated TV show and its in its 5th or 6th season. It has launched one star – Kelly Clarkson and a bunch of duds. Randy, Paula and simon have now become household names along with Ryan Seacrest. Any content you can tie into the current cast will do well. The previous casts should be avoided as they will soon go back to karaoke and such at local bars.

11) Skin care and skin treatment. This has always been a big one with women. It has been rumored that women will go without food before they will go without makeup and such. Just ask any department store how important skin care and skin treatment products are to their bottem line. Watch Shop NBC – almost every product on there has something to do with skin care and skin treatment for women. There are a wide variety of topics you can easily talk about here from the latest in laser therapy at dermatology offices and at home TCA skin peels for treating acne and wrinkles. Acne is and always will be a big topic as will wrinkles and their respective treatments.

There you have it the top 11 keywords on the internet from Paris Hilton to skin care and skin treatment to Google and American Idol. All with tips on how to use them to make your content have more impact and drive more traffic.

David Maillie is an alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis for public, private, and governmental interests and manufactures various skin peels and other for doctors offices and medispas. He can be reached at:

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What IPOs Could Do for Small-Cap Investors in 2010


As the overall health of the economy is stagnant, and small companies look to recover and grow, many investors are simply waiting for one lucky chance to get back into the game with big gains. Although there are several possibilities for striking payday again, many investors are riding the increasing wave of initial public offerings (IPOs) that we’ve seen lately.
IPOs happen when a company becomes an actual stock in which any John Q. Public can invest. That is, the smaller company goes public and anyone can buy and hold shares of it. The thing is, though, that too often the new IPO becomes a hot trend and everybody wants a piece of it. And just because it’s open for public consumption, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you.
So just like any sector of the market, you’ve got to do your homework before you put your money down. If there’s no real value on the new IPO, and especially if there’s no real opportunity for growth, then you could be throwing your money away. And naturally, in this economic climate (which isn’t IPO-friendly to begin with), some new companies are naturally growing faster than others.
As a matter of fact, while 99% of companies are fending off questions about how the recession is affecting business this earnings season, one small company doesn’t have worry about that.
We all know that print advertising is dead, and the economy is putting a major strain on television advertising. But one small segment of the marketing/advertising arena is still growing at a supersonic pace…internet commercials.
Could a Hulu IPO Decimate Google’s YouTube Franchise?
Even that segment may be a bit too generalized. I’m talking about the advertising you see before and during videos on sites like Hulu.com and YouTube. These two are the behemoths of the industry, but their strategies and business models couldn’t be further apart.
YouTube still has the No. 1 spot in the online video market. With over 100 million monthly viewers, YouTube will retain its top spot for a while. Unfortunately, the company, owned by Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG), can’t seem to make any money from this powerful position.
Less than 10% — some estimate as low as 3% — of its content is equipped with ads. That’s a very difficult business model considering Google has to pay for the company’s enormous bandwidth and storage expenses. According to Credit Suisse, YouTube is expected to lose nearly a half a billion dollars in 2009.
Hulu, which is second only to YouTube as the top online video supplier, is a very different animal. Most — if not all — of its content is attached to ads. You have to sit through 10-50 seconds of commercials before you ever see any Hulu content.
YouTube made its mark by allowing millions of wannabe stars upload their own amateur video free of charge. While this is what drives the majority of YouTube’s traffic, it doesn’t provide any revenue.
Hulu is still a private company. Earlier this year, landed a huge deal with Disney to start featuring its content on Hulu’s site. This deal is similar to its initial deal with NBC and its deal with News Corp (owner of Fox Broadcasting Company). The deal also gives each of the three investors a 27% share of Hulu.
That doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t be able to cash in on this up-and-coming giant. In the next few years, once the IPO market recovers, there’s a good chance we’ll see a Hulu IPO.
The company doesn’t release any financial numbers to the public, but that hasn’t stopped many media speculators from venturing a guess. The number we see most often is $ 1 billion in ad revenue per year and growing — already about five times YouTube’s revenue.
That’s simply not enough for us to go on, but it does give us hope that an IPO is coming down the pipeline. If there’s actionable advice, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, however, it does give us all the more reason to watch current market trends — and see what the fourth quarter of 2009 and the start of 2010 have in store for IPOs, and not just in the online video sector…
Why the Latest Trend in IPOs Is Great for Penny Stock Investors?

Before Q4 2009 is over, we’re all but guaranteed to witness more companies go public than we’ve seen in the last three quarters combined. That’s a prediction that isn’t just significant for investors who want to buy shares of the latest IPOs — this latest trend in the public offering world could mean serious profits for all penny stock investors. Here’s why the biggest Wall Street just turned bullish on small-caps…
In September, battery maker A123 Systems (NASDAQ: AONE) commenced public trading of its shares, raising more than $ 340 million in the largest IPO of 2009. Those who got into the stock early have been rewarded handsomely — shares are up nearly 70% right now. But AONE is only the latest in a string of initial public offerings that capped off the biggest week in IPOs since 2007.
To be fair, that hasn’t been a difficult benchmark to beat. Since the fallout from the credit crunch began, the IPO market has deteriorated to the point where only a single U.S. company went public in both the last quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009. Things heated up again last quarter with 13 public offerings, but those numbers still paled in comparison to the 95 stocks that traded for the first time in the last quarter of 2007. Now, with murmurings of the recession’s end upon us, the bullish signals from an IPO resurgence shouldn’t be ignored.
Not everyone agrees with that prognosis…
“The fact that the many in the media are classifying three IPOs as a resurgence is evidence of how low our expectations have become,” National Venture Capital Association President Mark Heesen said in a statement picked up by Reuters.
“[This] not the direction we hoped to see. While the psychology of the market is trending positive, our original forecast of a true recovery not beginning until 2010 still unfortunately holds true,” he continued.
And while Heesen’s concerns about the IPO market’s recovery have been echoed throughout Wall Street this week, it’s inaccurate to say that a recovery in public offerings isn’t happening right before us. At the start of this week there had been 11 new public offerings in the third quarter of 2009. That’s a huge departure from the nearly post-mortem IPO market that we were in the midst of six months ago.
IPO bears lost more credibility on September 30 when Talecris Biotherapeutics (NASDAQ: TLCR) went public, breaking the year’s domestic IPO record for the second time in one week. The biopharma stock raised $ 950 million in its offering, the biggest IPO for the sector since 2006. The Talecris offering came after China State Construction Engineering Corp’s record-breaking $ 7.34 billion IPO on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and a week ahead of Banco Santander’s public offering the first week of October, which at $ 7.25 billion will once again bust the year’s record for the biggest American-traded IPO.
What were the “experts” saying about a dead IPO market until 2010?
And with some exciting companies filing to go public in the coming months — including NewEgg.com and Dollar General (the latter went public on November 13 under the ticker DG) — things aren’t slowing down yet. To be clear, a strong IPO market doesn’t necessarily say much about stocks in general. In fact, the S&P 500 slumped 2% the last week of September despite all of the offering activity that was happening before us. It did — and still does — bode well for small-cap stocks, however…
There’s a big argument going on right now among the vast majority of investors: some are claiming that the market is perfectly primed for a 10-year bull rally, while others are bracing for the next market correction. But in the small-cap world, things move very differently. Every single U.S. IPO this year has been a small-cap stock, which tells me that the investment banking syndicates — which have some of the most advanced market data available — are bullish on small-caps.
Why does IPO activity suggest where the big investment banks are putting their money? Studies by Nobel Prize winning economists Franco Modigliani and Merton Miller showed that, historically, investment banking syndicates and venture capital firms will not push companies to go public in a down market. That phenomenon actually makes a lot of sense, because in a bear market, investors are willing to contribute far less money to a stock’s underwriting premium — the “commission” that an investment bank gets by selling an IPO’s shares for more than they paid.
By unleashing primarily small-cap IPOs so far this year, evidence points to growth opportunities in the small-cap space.
So, how do you make a play off the potential of penny stocks? Look for small-cap plays that remain deeply undervalued to capitalize on the buying that’s going on right now. That’s a more difficult prescription than it was six months ago before the market rally, but ignored penny stocks still remain one of the last vestiges of value right now.
It’s also important to keep in mind that sentiment is prone to change. While small-caps might be a favored market space right now, a huge drop in the rest of the market will undoubtedly take penny stocks with it. We’ll continue to watch broad moves with our Small-Cap Recovery Index for that very reason.
There’s little question that IPOs are having a fantastic quarter, one that will break records for the year once all of the numbers are crunched. And as long as the industry’s experts continue to be disappointed in the wake of unrealistic expectations, most investors will miss the growth sentiment in small-caps. That makes right now a perfect time to position your portfolio for the beginning of 2010.
Adam Hopkins

Jonas Elmerraji is a contributor to The Penny Sleuth, which offers unbiased commentary from expert analysts and authors about penny stocks.

Art Classes Winscombe brings out your inner creativity


There is a hidden artist in every one of us. At some point of time, we like to paint, sing and dance or do theatre. Creativity is something that comes from within. The most important thing to do is to nurture that talent and enhance it. Then only it is of some use. If we don’t get to know what we are interested in, it is not possible to promote it. The artist in us is there from the childhood. Some parents are able to detect it in the early years of the child and some persons may discover their talent after growing up. If you are living in Winscombe and are interested in painting, don’t curb your passion; join art classes Winscombe. They are expert in bringing out the painter in you. The art classes Weston-Super-Mare is beneficial for those staying in Weston Super Mare area. There is no age bar, so take the plunge and enjoy yourself.

For an artist, painting is like food and water. It is something which he/she cannot live without. Painters, who are expert in their skills, can bring out their feelings on paper on their own. But the budding artists need guidance. This is where the art classes Winscombe step in. These classes have different courses for different people of various age groups and with varying levels of painting skills. You can choose one according to your need. The artists are guided by extremely well-known painters, who are experts in their job.

The art classes not only enhance a person’s drawing and painting skills but can also change his/her whole personality. They provide a platform for self-expression, bringing out your inner world outside to merge with the reality. Art classes Weston-Super-Mare also gives you a wide view to understand the true meaning of art and how to imply it in creating a better ‘you’. Art helps you grow emotionally and the art classes let you see the world in a wider prospective.

In the best art classes, art is open to everyone. With just a canvas, paint and brush, give your expressions a free air to paint whatever you want. The mediums may be different: water colour, oil pastels, oil colours or acrylic colours, but the visual on the paper is yours. You might be a total amateur painter or with very little knowledge, but the art classes Winscombe caters to everyone. They make sure that everyone is given personal attention so that their hesitation in painting may be subdued.

The art classes Weston-Super-Mare also takes short-term classes for people who are not able to join regular classes. During summers, they often take to landscape painting, as the painters can go out in the open and paint the nature as they see it. Other times, they go to nearby places so that they can paint and draw the sceneries of small villages or woodlands, hillsides and open country

Art cannot be always confined to a room; it is so elaborate that it needs space to spread. Art classes Winscombe gives you your space of expression with their guidance. Experiment your own style with art classes Weston-Super-Mare and get to know new forms of art from them too.

Whether you are a budding artist or an experienced one art classes Winscombe gives equal opportunity to both. Even if you are a busy professional, take out some time for art classes Weston-Super-Mare to bring out the artist in you.

The Other Side of the Google – Google Tools


When most of us think of Google, we tend to focus almost exclusively on the Google search engine. If we are bloggers or online marketers one of our primary concerns is optimizing our websites to rank high in the Google search results in order to drive more and more traffic to our websites and blogs. You should be aware though that Google has a wealth of inbound marketing tools, that largely go unnoticed, that can help you drive more traffic to your sites for both free and paid marketing. I’m talking about tools like Google Adwords, Google Places, Google News, Google Reader, Google Alerts, the Google+ Social Network, Google Analytics, and Google Docs to name a few. We will briefly examine a few of them here.

In my opinion, Google Places definitely gives you the most bang for your buck, especially since it’s FREE! It is one of the easiest ways to get your business listed on the first page of Google when people in your local area search for your type of business. Google Places will get your business found on both Google Search and Google Maps. Let’s face it, most people would be more comfortable doing business with someone in their local area than they would with someone in another state or country. You often hear that people tend to do business with those they know, like, and trust. Nothing develops trust like face-to-face contact. I think if you aren’t using this, it could be a real boon for your business. Just go to google.com/places to create your Google Places listing. Be sure to optimize it for the keywords you want people to use to find you. You should enhance your listing by adding images and videos so as to help capture your audience’s attention. You also want to be sure to provide links to your website and current contact information.

Google Adwords is the vehicle for paid advertising where you can purchase Pay-per-Click (PPC) ads. These are the ads that show up on the right-hand side, and sometimes in a shaded area at the top, of the Google Search Results page. These are known as Sponsored Links. These ads also show up on many other websites via the Google Display Network through the use of Contextual Targeting. Contextual Targeting uses your keywords and themes to find the best placements for your ads across the GDN. For example, if you are marketing vitamins, your ad can show up on certain health and wellness sites. Adwords actually has a Context Targeting Tool that allows you to create ad groups based on the keywords you enter. When it comes to the Sponsored Links, because there is so much competition for the top spots, you need to be smart about picking your keywords so that you can rank higher in the ad placement order than your competitors. Adwords has a Google Keywords Tool that can help you create a thorough keyword research strategy. You can use Google Keywords whether you are using paid (Adwords) or free marketing. There isn’t nearly enough time to adequately describe Adwords and paid strategies. You really should educate yourself about paid strategies like PPC before embarking on this type of marketing, as it could get pretty expensive if you are not careful. You should also know that about 75% of searchers will click on the organic (free) search results and only 25% of online searchers will click on the paid ads.

Google Analytics is one of a number of Google tracking tools. This one is for websites and basically provides you with a wealth of information about the visitors to your website, where they came from, how long they stayed on your site, and what actions they took while there. This also is a free service. It can provide the data you need to measure the effectiveness of your ads, capture pages, and other marketing efforts so that you can tweak your marketing to improve sales and conversions. Other tracking tools includes Adword’s Conversion Tracking and Conversion Optimizer. Conversion Tracking shows you which visitors to your site actually performed the desired actions. The Conversion Optimizer uses the Conversion Tracking data to adjust your ad placements on the Google Display Network to get your more profitable clicks at a lower cost.

Google News and Google Alerts are basically used by marketers to generate content ideas. Google News allows you to stay on top of the latest information about your industry, so that you can take advantage of the newness of the information to write a blog post about it before your competitors. Similarly, with Google Alerts you can be instantly alerted about news and messages related to keywords that interest you. So instead of monitoring Google News, you can be alerted when something that interests you comes across the wire. You can filter the alerts to limit them to the type of content you’re interested in, for example, news articles, videos, blog posts, etc. You can also get them in a daily or weekly digest if you prefer. Google Reader is similar in that it can be used to generate content ideas. You can use it to subscribe to websites, blogs, and RSS feeds so that you can stay on top of industry happenings.

Google+ aka Google Plus is a relatively new social network that can drive both search engine and social media traffic to your site. You can set up any number of circles on your profile for different categories of associates, and share content with the whole circle or select individuals within the circle on a message by message basis. Another thing you can do to increase traffic to your site is to install the +1 Button on your website. Similar to the Facebook Like Button, this button allows you to easily share links and promote results in the Google organic search results. Research of over 5,000 sites has shown that you are 3.5 times more likely to receive traffic if you have the +1 Button installed on your site. There are now also Google+ Business Pages that are relatively simple to create. Google+ Business Pages will allow you to better develop relationships with prospects and customers. There is also evidence to suggest your Business page will be more apt to show up in the Google search results, and just like any other page, you should optimize it as best you can. Google also created a Direct Connection integration between Google+ and the search engine, so that all anyone has to do is put a plus sign (+) in front of your business name in the search window, and Google will skip over the traditional search results page and go directly to your Google+ Business Page.

Again this is just a taste of what is available out in the Google universe. If you think any of these tools could help in your marketing, you owe it to yourself to do a deep dive on the tools of your choice to get more information. This is especially true if you are considering paid marketing. One thing is true when it comes to getting traffic from Google is that you will pay one way or the other to get listed. You can pay cash directly to get immediate results in the form of paid ads in the Sponsored Links and on the Google Display Network. Or you can pay with the time that it takes to create content and optimize your website or blog to be listed in the organic or free search results. Paid marketing strategies are a short-term solution that yield immediate results. Search Engine Optimizing your site for free traffic is a more long-term strategy as you can conceivably receive traffic forever organically, whereas paid marketing can only generate traffic for you as long as your budget for the marketing campaign allows. Once you stop paying, the traffic dries up. Which ever way you decide to go, I hope that this information can help you pick the right tools.

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed reading my article The Other Side of the Google.

To learn how effectively generate leads, brand yourself, create multiple streams of income, and recruit effortlessly, check out the automated attraction marketing and education system that I use to explode my opportunities, namely MyLeadSystemPro here.

Too Many Employees to Make Any Money


Employees cost money. With high wages, insurance for them and the rising taxes and most importantly, with the drastically reduced reimbursement from insurance companies for services, one must keep the number of employees at the lowest possible level.

Or does one?

Only if you want to stay poor, despite being a doctor, and want to overwork yourself, have rarely time for family and if you want to worry about the money you are not making in case you do go on vacation.
Only if you want a stressful life and want all life’s enjoyments drained out of your life.
Only if your premature aging means nothing to you
Only if you are suicidal.

But if you want to realize the dreams you had when entering med school and opening your practice, then you better listen well to what I have to say.

What I say is not mainstream, but let’s face it, mainstream management of any private health care professional means working till 100 because of lack of money.

It means worrying about making payroll and not enjoying the so needed and wanted vacations and then having to catch up with making money, bills and work when coming back.

Even if the situation described above is a bit milder for you personally, doctors are seldom coming close to their original dreams.

So what to do? Am I suggesting that even though you have payroll problems I want you to hire more?

You bet I am.

But never mind what I want you to do or any other guy wants you to do.

Just start looking at life and start really observing what is going on.

Newton did not invent the Law of Gravity – he only observed it. No more than I am asking you to observe that more employees opposed to less is the answer in most (probably all) cases.

People, and only people, have life in them. And only life can help you to get a life. No machinery and no medicine can keep people alive without people administering and controlling them. Hell, it was people who invented any machinery and any gadget, not machines.

People and only people is the answer.

Let me tell you an all too common money-draining situation in just about all practices.

There are enough people to service the existing patients. That is if all employees are at work, if nobody is sick or on vacation and if all employees are at their best.

All the above rarely happens. There always is an emergency of some kind, which requires extra work and other regular work has to be put off for a bit. There are many, many days of sickness amongst the employees, and people quitting or getting fired usually puts a hold on patients’ service at least, if not also putting a stop on income producing activities such as treatment plan selling, delivering, billing, etc.

The stress and the lost money, which such a situation creates, is grave enough for it to be not ignored and to make some changes.

But what I have to say next should make you start to hire so fast, like there is no tomorrow.
Because there really is no tomorrow if you don’t – at least not the tomorrow you envisioned when opening your practice.

Even if there are enough people to serve all your patients well all the time, they only serve the patients you have.

What about getting more patients? Are you trying to get large numbers of new patients with a few flyers every so often, a yellow page ad, a recall system that reaches most patients only once a year, having lunch with a few doctors here and there?

If the creation of new patients and existing patients coming back is not handled with the same professionalism and the same tenacity as running the medical part of the practice, one will of course have continuous money problems.

So, even if you can hardly make payroll, hiring more employees, not less, usually is the solution.

Of course, the new employees must be treated as if they work for a completely different company – the marketing company.

If you simply hire more employees and put them into the practice, you can be assured that you will get no increase in production but only in payroll.

Even if you keep the new employees separate as a new company or at least a new division, then you still must know the fundamental basics of marketing which are as sound as the Law of Gravity.

You also must know how to organize and give orders, so that the job gets done.
A few examples of a wrong order would be:

The target is $ 100,000 this month.
Let’s be friendly and professional.
Let’s work hard.
Let’s give it all.
Let’s ask for referrals.
Let’s get in some new patients.

Sound familiar? Gets nothing done. Not possible. Not executable.

Anyhow, where and how to market as well as how to get the job done by giving executable orders is too long for this issue and is available in several different directives I have written.

Hmm, perhaps, I have just asked you to forget everything you have ever learned about practice management and to defy the basic standing order of a penny saved is a penny earned. A penny saved is NOT a penny earned – it well could be $ 10 dollars lost.

And if I have talked no sense then keep in mind that all the sensible management advice from all those experts has made just about all doctors work harder and harder with less and less income.

So, the choice is yours: Do what is taught by all the authorities and do what all docs do, and be overworked and broke – or take a deep breath and do what I asked you to do.

Be normal, and get what is normal (stress and little money) or be un-normal and get what those people usually get: Amazon.com success, Starbucks popularity, or having 3-6 practices with 20 doctors working in it and all the time in the world to spend the gargantuan monies you will make despite not being in the practice.

When you are ready to be un-normal, give us a call.

Helmut Flasch is a marketing consultant who uses Un-advertising rather than the traditional advertising methods. Find out more information about his marketing strategy at Un-Advertising Info.

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How to Download Videos from YouTube for Offline Viewing


YouTube has become one of the most popular video-sharing website for its convenience and abundance. Most of the content on YouTube has been uploaded by individuals around the world. People can find various types of videos on it, like movie trailers, TV clips, funny videos, and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogging and short original videos.
Alas, YouTube requires a live Internet connection, and Wi-Fi is still pretty hard to find in the friendly skies. Have you ever thought of downloading YouTube video for offline viewing on desktop or mobile device? This tutorial is all about how to achieve to free download YouTube videos Mac for offline watching with a fast & free YouTube downloader (better than offline YouTube downloader).
Google “YouTube offline App Download”, currently there is no qualified real YouTube offline downloader for you. Never mind! The lightweight MacX YouTube Downloader is the ideal free YouTube video download software to meet your needs, which occupies a little storage space (512MB) and runs well without making any burden on your CPU/network connection. Thus, it free downloads video from YouTube to Mac in 720P, 1080P, 4K UHD and even the hottest 360 degree video in batch within mins without affecting your other tasks like web browsing, E-mail sending, etc. It’s not a real YouTube offline app, but same to or even better than that.

Free download video from YouTube on Mac OS step by step
Step 1: Free download MacX YouTube Downloader and launch it. Find a video you’d like to download, copy the URL of the video page and open this free YouTube downloader. Then paste the URL and click “analyze” to load the YouTube video details. Or click “paste & analyze” button to automatically detect the YouTube video opened in browse.
Step 2: Choose video format, resolution and file size you desire.
Step 3: Click “Browse” button to specify an output folder on your computer to save the output files.
Step 4: Hit “Download Now” to start downloading video from YouTube on Mac for free with the top best YouTube offline downloader.

1. This free YouTube video downloader for Mac tutorial also applies to free video download from Vimeo, Facebook, Vimeo, Vevo, Metacafe, Myspace, Dailymotion, 300+ video music sites.
2. The built-in video player enables you to start watching the videos immediately without waiting until the entire video is downloaded.
3. Take snapshots of the videos to be downloaded and save as PNG file.
4. You can also set to automatically adding the output MP4 videos to iTunes Library for further use.
5. After free downloading YouTube videos with this free YouTube downloader, you are only accessible to watch them on Mac/Windows locally. If you want enjoy the downloaded videos on mobile, MacX MediaTrans will do you a favor to transfer videos from Mac to iPhone iPad iPod losslessly at super fast speed.

After going through the video downloading tutorial with the YouTube offline downloader, do you have a clear understanding of YouTube videos download? I hope this tutorial does helpful for you.

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Best Alternatives to iOS Maps


The Apple-Google tussle during the launch of iOS 6 had created quite a buzz. The result was Apple launched its latest operating system without built-in Google Maps. Apple came up with its own Maps called Mapplegate and launched iOS 6. However, the decision to go along on maps didn’t work in Apple’s favor forcing Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook to offer a rare public apology.

Since the in-built maps app has several inherent problems, looking out for alternatives is essential. As a daily commuter or a regular driver, installing a functional app is essential. Fortunately there are several alternatives to the in-built maps app. Furthermore, the good news is that Google has also launched Google Maps for iOS 6 as a standalone app.

5 Best Alternatives to iOS Maps

Google Maps:

Google Maps has always emerged as the best app in this category and this time it comes as a standalone app competing with the existing iOS in-built map app. The result of the break out with Apple has been that the new Google Maps app is much better than what was available on Apple earlier. Google Maps has enabled voice navigation, gives out bike routes and has enabled caching map for offline use too. Google Maps can be freely downloaded.

Garmin StreetPilot Onboard U.S.A:

Garmin has been the world leader in GPS navigation for a long time and quite naturally the app is power-packed with great features. The features include photoReal images of complex junctions, 3D mapping of buildings with lane guidance, speed alerts etc. The app also has a voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions of important junctions. It is also a pedestrian-friendly app. The upgraded version costs $ 37.99.


The MapQuest app for iOS has been made by AOL and can be freely downloaded. Using the app, you get voice-direction on upcoming lanes, turns etc. You can also find the cheapest gas prices in nearby locations and get the traffic updates via the Live Traffic Cameras. You can also use MapQuest to find nearby restaurants, hotels, airports, parking garages etc. On the downside, the app isn’t ‘Retina-ready’ thus making images pixelated and blurry.


Waze works more as a community-based application where users can feed in live traffic updates. Waze is a fun-filled free application using which you can give live updates on where you are currently located you and meet up with friends easily and quickly. During emergencies you can also report accidents and hazards. The app also works well as a voice-guided navigation tool.


If you are a public transport commuter and want regular updates on bus, train timings, vTransit will work just fine for you. Priced at $ .99, the data shown on vTransit comes directly from Google Maps. It thus comes with the assurance that the routes are accurately shown. For a daily commuter, all possible routes to a particular destination is highlighted in the app. The app can be used both in iPhones and iPads.

This article is contributed by ValueCoders. ValueCoders is a leading outsource web development company through which you can hire iPhone programmer , Drupal Developers, Magento Developers, etc. One can also hire Android programmer for effective Android services by visiting the website.

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Buying Honda Coupes


Increasing number of authorized car dealerships in Dallas Texas, sheer diversity of car makes and models, different types of financing services offered and many other factors make the car purchase even more stressful. Since customers are looking forward for long lasting automobiles that ensure the best fuel efficiency, choosing a reliable car brand has become imperative. If you are thinking about upgrading your ride, then why not think about buying a Honda. Not only Honda is affordable, but it is also an environment friendly vehicle. This automotive brand has even received several awards for being ecofriendly. Moreover, the American Council for Energy Efficient Economy has chosen four Honda vehicles as greener choices owing to its alternative fuel sources. Another noteworthy feature of Honda car is its safety ratings. According to statistics and figures, Honda earned more top safety picks from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) than any other brand. Affordability is another unique selling point of Honda vehicles. When you buy a Honda car, you are making a sound investment.

Unlike the other automakers, Honda vehicles hold their value over years. So, if you are in search for a car brand that is reliable, safe, affordable and eco-friendly, then Honda is your ideal choice.
More and more Honda models are rolling out and about, built with an ever-expanding range of safety and convenience features. Narrowing down a single option is tougher as the overwhelming array of options can make your head spin. A realistic assessment of your needs is crucial to make an informed decision. Prioritize your requirements and set your budget in order to make a pick. As a first step, you need to choose a car body style. Consumers who are looking for a sporty drive may go for coupe body styles. Honda Accord, Honda Civic and Honda CR-Z in TX are the popular Honda coupes available in the market. Honda Civic, a compact car was introduced in July 1972. On the other hand, Honda Accord lineup has been on sale since 1976 and Honda CR-Z’s sales began in 2010.

Honda Accord Cpe for sale in TX or any other locality is available in five trim levels including LX-S, EX, EX-L, EX-L V6 and Touring. All-new 2016 Honda Accord Cpe is powered with 2.4L four-cylinder engine generating 185-hp or 3.5L V6 engine generating 278-hp. When it comes to Honda CR-Z sport hybrid cars, the trim levels include LX, EX and EX-L Nav. Built with a hybrid power train of 1.5L four-cylinder engine and electric motor, the CR-Z delivers 130 hp and 140 lb-ft of torque with manual transmission system. Both the coupes are loaded with the latest automobile technology and specifications. And it always comes down to your preferences while making a right choice.

Honda of Burleson is one of the leading car dealership company in dallas texas there can buy Honda Accord Cpe, Honda CR-Z, Honda Accord Sdn, Honda Civic Sdn and more car models in here.

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