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Industrial Gas


Industrial gas is a group of gases that are commercially manufactured and sold for use in industrial processes. Some Industrial Gas is Argon Gas, Nitrogen Gas, Helium Gas, Hydrogen Gas Mixture Gas, Calibration Gas and more.
Argon Gas :- Argon Gas is monatomic, colorless, odorless, tasteless and nontoxic gas. Together with helium gas, neon gas, krypton gas, xenon gas and radon gas, it constitutes a special group of gases known as the rare, noble or inert gases.
Argon gas is present in the atmosphere at a concentration of 0.934% by volume at the earth’s surface. Air is the only known source for the production of pure argon gas.
Argon gas is the most commonly occurring of the rare gases.
* Steel Industries
* Lighting
* Shield Gases
* Gas Metal arc welding
* Plasma arc Cutting and Welding
* Other Market
Nitrogen Gas:- Nitrogen is colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. It is non flammable and will not support combustion. Atmospheric air contains 78.09% nitrogen; the gas is slightly lighter than air and slightly soluble in water.
Nitrogen condenses at its boiling point , -195°c to a colorless and odorless liquid that is lighter than water. When liquid nitrogen is vaporized and then heated to ambient temperature, it absorb a large quantity of heat.
Nitrogen is separated from air, by distillation, absorption of diffusion.
Helium Gas:-he second lightest element, helium is one of our most precious natural resources. It will not combine chemically at any temperature with any other element. It is non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-explosive. Its chemical inertness makes it perfect for a variety of applications.
Helium’s most common application is as a shielding gas for arc welding. Because of its high voltage gradient, it transfers more heat to the weld than does argon at the same arc lengths. This added heat is essential for high-speed welding.
Itself a product of billions of years of radioactive decay beneath the earth’s surface, helium is not affected by radiation. Radioactive immunity, along with excellent heat transfer makes it an ideal heat transfer agent for gas-cooled nuclear reactor.
Hydrogen Gas:-Hydrogen is colorless, odorless, tasteless, flammable, and non toxic gas at atmospheric temperatures and pressures. The gas burns in air with a pale blue, almost invisible flame. It is the lightest of all gases appropriate of 1/5 as heavy as air, It is manufactured industrially by either electrolysis, of water, steam, reformation, of hydrocarbons or partial oxidation of coal or hydrocarbons.
* Chemical Industry
* Food Processing
* Inert Gas
* Other Markets
Calibration Gas:- A calibration gas is defined by homogeneous mixtures of gases with stated composition and certified concentration of each component with guaranteed uncertainty (certified accuracy) associated with the components over a certain period of time. Calibration gases are produced from pure raw materials, with known contents of impurities.
Preparation Tolerance (PT) and Uncertainties.
Preparation Tolerance indicates how close to the ordered concentration we can guarantee the produced concentration. PT varies with concentration level of particular components. Ref. Quality class.
Uncertainties or Certified Accuracy (CA) is our guarantee of maximum deviation from certified values in the actual value.

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The New Apple MacBook Pro and Monitor


The MacBook Pro was the first Apple computer to feature the Intel Centrino Core Duo chipset – a dual-core processing platform that was being perfected at the same time as the new Pro. The release of these two great innovations means you get a laptop that reportedly delivers performance four to five times faster than the previously released PowerBook G4. The new Mac Pro release was aimed at the professional and power user market, but has made plenty of fans among less demanding users.

The extremely thin MacBook Pro with the aluminum case weighs 2.54 kilograms and features a 15.4-inch wide-screen monitor, an iSight camera built in, and a remote for use with Apple’s Front Row media software. The trackpad has been enlarged, allowing for more room and comfort for scrolling and multi-touch gestures. The backlit keyboard has the sunken and separated keys that have become standard for Apple laptops.

The Mac Pro gives users a giant leap forward in processing speed, far above the performance of the PowerPC’s G4 processor, which was produced by IBM. Intel’s Core Duo processor has created a monster of a laptop that processes data at blazing speeds.

If you liked the profile of the 15-inch PowerBook, you’ll love the MacBook Pro. It looks very similar to the PowerBook and it weighs about the same, but the MacBook Pro brings users a larger monitor screen while keeping a slightly thinner profile.

The monitor is an LED-backlit glossy widescreen display with support for millions of colors. The high gloss finish of the display in this model, as compared to the former monitors’ matte display, is due to the thin glass cover on the screen. The bright display of the MacBook Pro monitor is possible due to Intel’s dual-core processors, which reportedly consume less power than the past generation single cores. The new MacBook is estimated to provide up to four times as much performance per watt as the PowerBook G4 did, resulting in a vastly improved display that isn’t as power hungry as previous laptop models.

So what’s the downfall of the MacBook Pro? Like most laptops, the answer is in battery life. Although this laptop and monitor is supposed to be more power conscious, battery life and corresponding problems seem like they will always be an issue. Another less important, though often worrisome downfall, is the amount of heat generated under the laptop during use. Neither of these issues are serious enough to take away from the advances that it brings to the table.

The Apple Laptop Shop specializes in finding used apple laptops, used MacBook, and used macbook pro.

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Learn About Facebook Crossing Five Hundred Million Users


Facebook is a social network that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and colleagues. The company also launched ‘facook places’ which develops technologies that facilitate the exchange of information through the social graph, the digital mapping of people in the real world of social relations. Facebook, like other social networks are mostly about staying in touch with others. Luckily for novice users Facebook has some simple ways to find your friends by setting up your e-mail or the list of contacts on your AOL Instant Messenger account.

Facebook originally earned its core base of users by giving them simple and powerful controls over their private information. As Facebook grew beyond and became of more importance, it could accept called to advance or advance those controls. Facebook is a well-funded project, and the bodies behind the funding, a accumulation of Silicon Valley adventure capitalists, accept an acute anticipation to advance all over the world. Facebook is one manifestation of this ideology.

Facebook appear the 500 millionth registered user. Mark, appear a video thanking anniversary registered user to mark the occasion. Facebook is advised a adolescent aggregation and it has been about a few years now. Facebook associates can additionally accompany basic groups based on accepted interests, see what classes they accept in common, and apprentice anniversary others’ hobbies, interests, agreeable tastes, and adventurous accord cachet through the profiles.

Facebook don’t allow children below 13, but many can still iuse it. If you accept a young child on Facebook, the best way to keep track is to become one of their online friends. Facebook was acknowledged as original on because it was the first one and because it started at the top of the audience hierarchy. Zuckerberg distinguished his site through new innovations

Facebook, initially at least, would be bound to Harvard but was open to all later. Facebook redesigned its business pages aftermost year, with the achievement of alms added appearance for small-business owners. According to Facebook, the Web armpit currently hosts added than 1.5 actor bounded businesses from about the world.

Facebook has refined its privacy provisions in its history, with recent efforts to open more users to public information and drawing heavy criticism FTC complaints. Users also have difficulty navigating the often Byzantine control site’s privacy policy, which has led to a trickle of defections of users.

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Pirater compte Facebook through a free and reliable online resource


Truth, they say is stranger than fiction. When we start losing faith in something or on someone and seek control over things, all we crave for is maximum resources. But what do we do when our mind tells us that someone close to us is not truthful or we are being forced to believe in something which we don’t want to? Today, when most human interactions are happening in cyberspace– from the most confidential to the most public– we tend to trace our version of the truth through the social media sites. The answer thus to uncover fact is pirater un compte Facebook gratuit. This gives you full access to the information you are looking for. But seeking out a reliable website is crucial to pirater compte Facebook.

When you choose pirater un compte Facebook gratuit, the basic principle remains the same. Upon sharing a few details about the person who you are trying to look up, the website pulls up the accurate login information and password. You can now have a free access to the hacked account and scrutiny all the personal details. Once you have succeeded to pirater compte Facebook through online mode, you can verify or learn about the person directly.

Usually, a hacking website employs two mechanisms to intelligently pirater un compte Facebook gratuit. The first would be to figure out a match on the server, by taking advantage of the gaps in security and coding policies of Facebook. The second would be to forcefully extract the information on the basis of personal data provided by you. These usually include details like the primary email address of the person or geographical location frequented most. The unique code of the internet server from which the persona accesses his or her profile is also helpful to pirater compte Facebook.

The simpler the process of retrieving the information, the easier it is for you to complete the process without delay. An online service for pirater un compte Facebook gratuit is even more attractive, as you are aware of the high prices charged by professional hackers. Therefore, choose your aide in a site which is simple, respects confidentiality and charges nothing for retrieving the required information for you. Pirater compte Facebook gives a quick access to information which might clear out a misunderstanding which may have been bothering your mind for a while. So once the purpose is defined and the action is well intended, the means can be discounted.

Choose a popular portal committed to transparency and excellence in their services. Instead of downloading mysterious software, which may or may not produce the desired result, opt for pirater un compte Facebook gratuit online. Make sure the website commits to anonymity of the user and does not engage in selling information to a third party. There are some difficult times in life when no amount of external convincing appeals to you and your own interpretation of a situation becomes important. You can indulge in easy and free pirater compte Facebook to overcome your mental hurdles during such times.

Always prefer easy and free pirater compte Facebook service offered online. Minimise your risks of pirater un compte Facebook gratuit by choosing a reliable site.

January and February Las Vegas Weather


The weather in Las Vegas in January and February is better then the weather is in much of the United States, and elsewhere, but it’s not perfect. It can be windy, cold, and even a little wet at times. Snow is possible, but less likely than hitting 5 blackjacks in a row. You will probably be able to enjoy golfing in Las Vegas in January and February as long as the wind isn’t blowing very much and the sun is out.

January Las Vegas Weather

The hottest January day in Las Vegas for the past 62 years was 77 degrees Fahrenheit, most recently encountered on January 26, 1975, while the regular high temperature is 57. In the last 62 years the highest reported temperature in Las Vegas for January was 8 on January 13, 1963, and the mean daily low in the month is 37.

According to National Weather Service weather data, on January 12, 1963, the recorded high temperature did not exceed 29 degrees Fahrenheit, the lowest high measured in Las Vegas in the past 62 years. Weather Service records also indicate that on January 20, 1999, the low temperature for the day was not measured below 58 degrees, the highest low measured in Las Vegas in the last 62 years.

Weather Service historical data shows that the average daily high temperature in Las Vegas on January First is 54 degrees Fahrenheit and the average high on the last day of January is 59 degrees. The low temperature in Las Vegas in January on the first day of the month averages 39 degrees and the low temperature on the last day of the month averages 37 degrees.

Las Vegas typically receives an average of 0.59 inches of precipitation during the month. The most precipitation recorded on a single day in January was 0.81 inches on January 3, 2005. Las Vegas receives an average of 0.9 inches of snow in January.On January 31, 1979 Las Vegas received 7 inches of precipitation, the highest snowfall recorded in a single day in January.

February Las Vegas Weather

The highest recorded temperature for Las Vegas Nevada for the past 62 years in February was 87 degrees Fahrenheit, most recently measured on February 26, 1986, while the regular high temperature is 63. The lowest documented temperature for Las Vegas for the past 62 years in February was 16 most recently encountered on February 7, 1989, while the typical low recorded temperature is 41.

US National Weather Service weather data records that on February 6, 1989, the high temperature did not exceed 34 degrees Fahrenheit, the lowest high measured in Las Vegas in the past 62 years. Weather Service records additionally indicate that on February 26, 1989, the low for the day was not measured below 59 degrees, the highest low temperature recorded in Las Vegas in the last 62 years.

According to the National Weather Service, the high temperature in Las Vegas in February on the first day of the month averages 59 degrees and the high on the last day of the month averages 66 degrees. The daily low temperature in Las Vegas on February First averages 37 degrees Fahrenheit and the high on the last day of February averages 47 degrees.

Las Vegas usually receives an average of 0.69 inches of precipitation during February. On February 8, 1993 Las Vegas received 1.29 inches of precipitation, the most rain recorded in a single day in February. Las Vegas averages 0.1 inches of snow in February. The most snow recorded in a single day in February was 1 inches on February 19, 1990.

Storm Daly is a weather junkie who follows January Las Vegas Weather at Las Vegas Weather.US.

Donate Car to Charity


What do you do with a car you no longer want but cannot take the time to sell it? You donate it to a charitable cause and feel good about it, isn’t that the way you do it? No, it is not the way you do it. There is more involved here then just taking the car to the nearest charitable organization and leaving it there with a fond farewell. You have to contend with places like the IRS and the Department of Motor Vehicles and any other place that may have a stake in your good deed. Here is a partial list of some of the things that should be done for your own safety.

* Middlemen abound when they know there are a few dollars to be made from a charitable person, after all they know you are making the donation because you do not have the time to make a sale. These middlemen are for profit organizations and will be pleased to help you make your donation for about fifty percent to ninety percent of the vehicle’s value.

* Check directly with the charity you want the money to go to and see if they accept vehicle donations. If they do not then do a little research until you find a reputable charity that does accept vehicle donations.

* If you must use a middleman then be sure to ask how much of you vehicle’s value will actually go to charity. If the middleman’s organization gives the charity flat fees, your vehicle donation may not be eligible for a tax deduction.

* In order to get a tax deduction, the charity must be an approved 501 (c)(3) organization. If your charity is a religious organization it will probably qualify, but you should check it out first. If you do not know of an organization, you can find out from the Internal Revenue Service website and they will have one listed there.

* If you want to save the charity money then deliver the vehicle yourself so that they will be spared the expense of hiring a driver.

* Be sure to transfer the title to the charity and notify your State Department of Motor Vehicles that a transfer has been made. Do not ever leave the space where ownership should be entered blank.

* Be sure that you have the vehicle appraised before you make the donation and get a copy of the appraisal. If the vehicle is worth more than five hundred dollars you will need the appraisal for your tax deduction. IRS will not accept your assessment of the value of the vehicle.

Be sure that you have a complete paper trail of everything you have done in order to protect yourself with the IRS and to avoid any vehicle problems like parking tickets being listed to you after you have left the vehicle with the charity.

Donating our vehicle to charity is not as easy as it seems. Feel free to visit donate car to charity and car donation.

Making Use Of Nintendo DS To Watch Film – A Number Of Guidelines To Consider


It’s quite common for all of us to get a NDS Lite nowadays. You can easily play plenty of games with it. Lots of people are having fun with it on the street. We could get more entertainment whilst we’re traveling. However, one thing you might not realize is that you could also utilize the console to play movies.

So, you may want to start viewing movies using your console at this point. As a matter of simple fact, it might be possible to listen to MP3s by using it. You’ll never feel boring when you are traveling. And this is why the handheld console is so well-liked.

Now, allow us to talk about exactly why it is important to make use of the console to play movies. Yes, it is extremely true you could buy a mini movie player. You can also purchase a music player. Yet, you need to put 3 products in your pocket in this instance. You cannot really want to do so since it will likely be quite inconvenient.

To be able to play movies and MP3 on your console, it is a must that you should purchase a distinct equipment. This machine can help you turn your gaming system into a video and audio player. It’ll be effortless to purchase it from a local shop. Of course you can also think about purchasing it on the web.

With the device mentioned above, you may not solely play movies and MP3. It’s also possible to open PDF files on your own console. This implies that you’ll be in a position to read PDF electronic books using your Nintendo DS Lite. This is often a good idea since lots of people prefer ebooks rather than physical books nowadays.

However, it is usually true that you simply need to play the games after you buy the gaming system. As a result, it may also be recommended for you to discover low-cost games. It’s not always easy to do so. Yet, you may attempt to go online to see if there are ways to get affordable video games.

It is possible to purchase used game titles on auction web sites. If you do so, you need to be sure that the seller is actually a reliable person. You can check the rating of the seller on eBay. On the contrary, it is additionally probable for you to download free Nintendo DS games from a few download websites.

To download free Nintendo DS games, it is usually significant to possess a SD card. A flash cart can also be a must. Before you buy such equipments, you must go on the net to search for various choices. You must try your very best to search for the products which will fit your needs.

The author writes content articles on Download Free Nintendo DS Games . Make sure to read more on Downloadable DS Games.

Top 11 Paying and Most Searched Keywords on Google and Yahoo


If you have a website, write articles, or want to profit through an affiliate program than this is gold to you! These keywords are the actual top 11 on the internet. Use them and you are on your way to increased traffic, profits and results. Here they are and a little about each to help you on your way.

1) Paris Hilton. Whether we like it or not Paris and her wild lifestyle are here to stay as she is now considered one of the biggest stars. She is sought after by almost every fashion designer and her keywords will do well with any fashion or clothing content.

2) Google. Well, this one is obvious as Google is the largest search engine (regardless what Yahoo says). Being that Google is a search engine it can be used in any content, but works best with relation to websites, search engines, computers and software.

3) Yahoo. The second largest search engine and distant second on Pay per Click campaigns – very, very distant at that. The same will work for Yahoo. Stick with computer related material and you will do well.

4) Ebay. The worlds largest marketplace and auction. Ebay, for the most part is a wholesale marketplace. It is ruled by feedback and can give you a good idea as to the real value of a car (check Ebay motors). On Ebay anything goes including people selling tattoo advertising on themselves. In other words, anything can be linked to Ebay in one way or another. Yes, there is even porn on Ebay.

5)Eminem. Yes, the real slim shady is back. According to R and B and rap he never left as he is the number one rapper currently. If you need content on current music or teen and young adult topics Eminem is sure to bring you visitors.

6) Britney Spears. She was the hottest pinup for teens and preteens, but now she is probably pregnant again. I wonder why Kevin Federline didn’t make the list – is it that he isn’t a good singer? Britney is great for adolescent or music related

7) mapquest. Want to know where something is or how to get there. Being that we are getting closer to summer people are plotting out there vacations. Or, maybe, due to increasing gas prices thanks to George Bush, maybe they are figuring that its too far and will cost too much in gas. I bet if Hillary Clinton were President these gas prices wouldn’t be any higher than $ 1.60 per gallon. These high gas prices have to do with the Bush family and their ties to big oil and energy. See, Mapquest can be linked to just about any content you want if you just try a little.

8) Tsunami. Even though the big one is over. Relief efforts are still in effect and so are the relief efforts for Katrina. Hint – these people still need lots of help. Tsunami is probably a big keyword due to the recent specials on TV about the next possible tsunami that might hit America. People are concerned and interested over these large scale natural disasters. When is the next earthquake going to hit California, will atsunami hit New York, and what will this hurricane season bring?

9) Girls. Yes, of course. There are millions of perverts and closet perverts out there that are a little over-fascinated with girls. As Donald Trump once said, “sex sells.” Yes it does and nothing sells better than women or girls. They can sell anything including the worst items in infomercials and complete scams. A beautiful girl just needs to show a little cleavage and TV ratings soar. Just think what girls can do for your content.

10) American Idol. This is the top rated TV show and its in its 5th or 6th season. It has launched one star – Kelly Clarkson and a bunch of duds. Randy, Paula and simon have now become household names along with Ryan Seacrest. Any content you can tie into the current cast will do well. The previous casts should be avoided as they will soon go back to karaoke and such at local bars.

11) Skin care and skin treatment. This has always been a big one with women. It has been rumored that women will go without food before they will go without makeup and such. Just ask any department store how important skin care and skin treatment products are to their bottem line. Watch Shop NBC – almost every product on there has something to do with skin care and skin treatment for women. There are a wide variety of topics you can easily talk about here from the latest in laser therapy at dermatology offices and at home TCA skin peels for treating acne and wrinkles. Acne is and always will be a big topic as will wrinkles and their respective treatments.

There you have it the top 11 keywords on the internet from Paris Hilton to skin care and skin treatment to Google and American Idol. All with tips on how to use them to make your content have more impact and drive more traffic.

David Maillie is an alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis for public, private, and governmental interests and manufactures various skin peels and other for doctors offices and medispas. He can be reached at:

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What IPOs Could Do for Small-Cap Investors in 2010


As the overall health of the economy is stagnant, and small companies look to recover and grow, many investors are simply waiting for one lucky chance to get back into the game with big gains. Although there are several possibilities for striking payday again, many investors are riding the increasing wave of initial public offerings (IPOs) that we’ve seen lately.
IPOs happen when a company becomes an actual stock in which any John Q. Public can invest. That is, the smaller company goes public and anyone can buy and hold shares of it. The thing is, though, that too often the new IPO becomes a hot trend and everybody wants a piece of it. And just because it’s open for public consumption, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you.
So just like any sector of the market, you’ve got to do your homework before you put your money down. If there’s no real value on the new IPO, and especially if there’s no real opportunity for growth, then you could be throwing your money away. And naturally, in this economic climate (which isn’t IPO-friendly to begin with), some new companies are naturally growing faster than others.
As a matter of fact, while 99% of companies are fending off questions about how the recession is affecting business this earnings season, one small company doesn’t have worry about that.
We all know that print advertising is dead, and the economy is putting a major strain on television advertising. But one small segment of the marketing/advertising arena is still growing at a supersonic pace…internet commercials.
Could a Hulu IPO Decimate Google’s YouTube Franchise?
Even that segment may be a bit too generalized. I’m talking about the advertising you see before and during videos on sites like and YouTube. These two are the behemoths of the industry, but their strategies and business models couldn’t be further apart.
YouTube still has the No. 1 spot in the online video market. With over 100 million monthly viewers, YouTube will retain its top spot for a while. Unfortunately, the company, owned by Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG), can’t seem to make any money from this powerful position.
Less than 10% — some estimate as low as 3% — of its content is equipped with ads. That’s a very difficult business model considering Google has to pay for the company’s enormous bandwidth and storage expenses. According to Credit Suisse, YouTube is expected to lose nearly a half a billion dollars in 2009.
Hulu, which is second only to YouTube as the top online video supplier, is a very different animal. Most — if not all — of its content is attached to ads. You have to sit through 10-50 seconds of commercials before you ever see any Hulu content.
YouTube made its mark by allowing millions of wannabe stars upload their own amateur video free of charge. While this is what drives the majority of YouTube’s traffic, it doesn’t provide any revenue.
Hulu is still a private company. Earlier this year, landed a huge deal with Disney to start featuring its content on Hulu’s site. This deal is similar to its initial deal with NBC and its deal with News Corp (owner of Fox Broadcasting Company). The deal also gives each of the three investors a 27% share of Hulu.
That doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t be able to cash in on this up-and-coming giant. In the next few years, once the IPO market recovers, there’s a good chance we’ll see a Hulu IPO.
The company doesn’t release any financial numbers to the public, but that hasn’t stopped many media speculators from venturing a guess. The number we see most often is $ 1 billion in ad revenue per year and growing — already about five times YouTube’s revenue.
That’s simply not enough for us to go on, but it does give us hope that an IPO is coming down the pipeline. If there’s actionable advice, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, however, it does give us all the more reason to watch current market trends — and see what the fourth quarter of 2009 and the start of 2010 have in store for IPOs, and not just in the online video sector…
Why the Latest Trend in IPOs Is Great for Penny Stock Investors?

Before Q4 2009 is over, we’re all but guaranteed to witness more companies go public than we’ve seen in the last three quarters combined. That’s a prediction that isn’t just significant for investors who want to buy shares of the latest IPOs — this latest trend in the public offering world could mean serious profits for all penny stock investors. Here’s why the biggest Wall Street just turned bullish on small-caps…
In September, battery maker A123 Systems (NASDAQ: AONE) commenced public trading of its shares, raising more than $ 340 million in the largest IPO of 2009. Those who got into the stock early have been rewarded handsomely — shares are up nearly 70% right now. But AONE is only the latest in a string of initial public offerings that capped off the biggest week in IPOs since 2007.
To be fair, that hasn’t been a difficult benchmark to beat. Since the fallout from the credit crunch began, the IPO market has deteriorated to the point where only a single U.S. company went public in both the last quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009. Things heated up again last quarter with 13 public offerings, but those numbers still paled in comparison to the 95 stocks that traded for the first time in the last quarter of 2007. Now, with murmurings of the recession’s end upon us, the bullish signals from an IPO resurgence shouldn’t be ignored.
Not everyone agrees with that prognosis…
“The fact that the many in the media are classifying three IPOs as a resurgence is evidence of how low our expectations have become,” National Venture Capital Association President Mark Heesen said in a statement picked up by Reuters.
“[This] not the direction we hoped to see. While the psychology of the market is trending positive, our original forecast of a true recovery not beginning until 2010 still unfortunately holds true,” he continued.
And while Heesen’s concerns about the IPO market’s recovery have been echoed throughout Wall Street this week, it’s inaccurate to say that a recovery in public offerings isn’t happening right before us. At the start of this week there had been 11 new public offerings in the third quarter of 2009. That’s a huge departure from the nearly post-mortem IPO market that we were in the midst of six months ago.
IPO bears lost more credibility on September 30 when Talecris Biotherapeutics (NASDAQ: TLCR) went public, breaking the year’s domestic IPO record for the second time in one week. The biopharma stock raised $ 950 million in its offering, the biggest IPO for the sector since 2006. The Talecris offering came after China State Construction Engineering Corp’s record-breaking $ 7.34 billion IPO on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and a week ahead of Banco Santander’s public offering the first week of October, which at $ 7.25 billion will once again bust the year’s record for the biggest American-traded IPO.
What were the “experts” saying about a dead IPO market until 2010?
And with some exciting companies filing to go public in the coming months — including and Dollar General (the latter went public on November 13 under the ticker DG) — things aren’t slowing down yet. To be clear, a strong IPO market doesn’t necessarily say much about stocks in general. In fact, the S&P 500 slumped 2% the last week of September despite all of the offering activity that was happening before us. It did — and still does — bode well for small-cap stocks, however…
There’s a big argument going on right now among the vast majority of investors: some are claiming that the market is perfectly primed for a 10-year bull rally, while others are bracing for the next market correction. But in the small-cap world, things move very differently. Every single U.S. IPO this year has been a small-cap stock, which tells me that the investment banking syndicates — which have some of the most advanced market data available — are bullish on small-caps.
Why does IPO activity suggest where the big investment banks are putting their money? Studies by Nobel Prize winning economists Franco Modigliani and Merton Miller showed that, historically, investment banking syndicates and venture capital firms will not push companies to go public in a down market. That phenomenon actually makes a lot of sense, because in a bear market, investors are willing to contribute far less money to a stock’s underwriting premium — the “commission” that an investment bank gets by selling an IPO’s shares for more than they paid.
By unleashing primarily small-cap IPOs so far this year, evidence points to growth opportunities in the small-cap space.
So, how do you make a play off the potential of penny stocks? Look for small-cap plays that remain deeply undervalued to capitalize on the buying that’s going on right now. That’s a more difficult prescription than it was six months ago before the market rally, but ignored penny stocks still remain one of the last vestiges of value right now.
It’s also important to keep in mind that sentiment is prone to change. While small-caps might be a favored market space right now, a huge drop in the rest of the market will undoubtedly take penny stocks with it. We’ll continue to watch broad moves with our Small-Cap Recovery Index for that very reason.
There’s little question that IPOs are having a fantastic quarter, one that will break records for the year once all of the numbers are crunched. And as long as the industry’s experts continue to be disappointed in the wake of unrealistic expectations, most investors will miss the growth sentiment in small-caps. That makes right now a perfect time to position your portfolio for the beginning of 2010.
Adam Hopkins

Jonas Elmerraji is a contributor to The Penny Sleuth, which offers unbiased commentary from expert analysts and authors about penny stocks.

Art Classes Winscombe brings out your inner creativity


There is a hidden artist in every one of us. At some point of time, we like to paint, sing and dance or do theatre. Creativity is something that comes from within. The most important thing to do is to nurture that talent and enhance it. Then only it is of some use. If we don’t get to know what we are interested in, it is not possible to promote it. The artist in us is there from the childhood. Some parents are able to detect it in the early years of the child and some persons may discover their talent after growing up. If you are living in Winscombe and are interested in painting, don’t curb your passion; join art classes Winscombe. They are expert in bringing out the painter in you. The art classes Weston-Super-Mare is beneficial for those staying in Weston Super Mare area. There is no age bar, so take the plunge and enjoy yourself.

For an artist, painting is like food and water. It is something which he/she cannot live without. Painters, who are expert in their skills, can bring out their feelings on paper on their own. But the budding artists need guidance. This is where the art classes Winscombe step in. These classes have different courses for different people of various age groups and with varying levels of painting skills. You can choose one according to your need. The artists are guided by extremely well-known painters, who are experts in their job.

The art classes not only enhance a person’s drawing and painting skills but can also change his/her whole personality. They provide a platform for self-expression, bringing out your inner world outside to merge with the reality. Art classes Weston-Super-Mare also gives you a wide view to understand the true meaning of art and how to imply it in creating a better ‘you’. Art helps you grow emotionally and the art classes let you see the world in a wider prospective.

In the best art classes, art is open to everyone. With just a canvas, paint and brush, give your expressions a free air to paint whatever you want. The mediums may be different: water colour, oil pastels, oil colours or acrylic colours, but the visual on the paper is yours. You might be a total amateur painter or with very little knowledge, but the art classes Winscombe caters to everyone. They make sure that everyone is given personal attention so that their hesitation in painting may be subdued.

The art classes Weston-Super-Mare also takes short-term classes for people who are not able to join regular classes. During summers, they often take to landscape painting, as the painters can go out in the open and paint the nature as they see it. Other times, they go to nearby places so that they can paint and draw the sceneries of small villages or woodlands, hillsides and open country

Art cannot be always confined to a room; it is so elaborate that it needs space to spread. Art classes Winscombe gives you your space of expression with their guidance. Experiment your own style with art classes Weston-Super-Mare and get to know new forms of art from them too.

Whether you are a budding artist or an experienced one art classes Winscombe gives equal opportunity to both. Even if you are a busy professional, take out some time for art classes Weston-Super-Mare to bring out the artist in you.

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