I recently decided to replace my old Insignia Blu-Ray player with a more up to date model. After doing some research and comparing prices I decided on the LG BD570. I will admit that the main reason I chose it was because I was able to get a great deal on a used player where I can access my Netflix subscription. Overall I don’t regret my decision.

As for the player itself, it was very easy to setup and I didn’t encounter an problems. I have a wireless router that has a one touch setup option. I used this to setup the internet connection and it worked without a problem. From there I was able to register all the services that are included with the NetCast feature.

It’s hard to say whether everyone will have the same result when they set everything up. All of the stars have to align and all the services have to be up and running at peak performance. I have a broadband connection so speed, clarity and accuracy is never an issue for me. For CinemaNow and Vudu they test your connection speed to determine what resolution is best to view a movie at. The test determined I could view a film at the highest resolution.

Loading times are very good. The player took about 30-45 seconds to boot up. Loading a DVD took little to no time at all and Blu Ray discs also started quickly and easily. With Netflix I can only assume that part of the reason for a fast loading time has to do with how the site is operating at the time. The same thing goes with all the other applications as well.

As far as the look and design, it consists of a mostly black design. The glossy front panel flips down when you open the drive. The player is also very compact so it will not be taking up a lot of space. It fits perfectly with my home entertainment system and should be just fine when it comes to yours as well. There is also a USB port underneath the front panel. This would allow you to plug in a flash drive or external hard drive. All in all I’m very happy that the BD570 is a space saver.

My final verdict is that the BD570 is a strong Blu-Ray player with many options that suits the needs of many people. It is also very user-friendly. If you know how to hook up a DVD player and know how to hook up a wireless router than you should have zero problems.

Jim Howser writes for several niche consumer electronics and shopping websites on several different subjects. Also, he’s a freelance writer and a consultant. He has written extensively about a bd570. Visit his blog on this subject at bd570 DOT INFO.

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