It used to be that if you wanted to be hip you had to have a page on the social networking site In recent years, however, the MySpace has been replaced by a newer, more functional social networking site. Today, has become the social networking site of choice for millions of people all over the world.

When Fox purchased MySpace for $ 320 million everyone thought it they were making a great deal. MySpace was riding high and it seemed like it would do so indefinitely.

When MySpace was cool, it was where everyone went to view pages of people who were on the cutting edge of technology. It had special features that made it fun. You could set up your page to play a favorite song when people came to it or you could put a skin on your page to change its appearance. For a while it was the hottest thing around.

MySpace began losing its most of its members in 2008 and the decline continues today. Many MySpace users are abandoning their pages and opening Facebook accounts. Some have maintained their MySpace page but primarily use Facebook.

MySpace didn’t lose popularity overnight and there are many reasons why people found a new outlet for social networking. MySpace was considered by many to be slow to respond to users with questions and suggestions. It was only recently that they added an updates system. Facebook has been using one for years.

MySpace also catered to a very specific group of people. It wasn’t seen as an inclusive place where everyone would feel comfortable. Facebook, however, has done a better job of marketing itself.

There are whole families on Facebook and it is seen as a place for everyone to connect and have fun. When you reach more people you have more users and greater success.

Like many things on the Internet, Facebook may eventually become pass, just as MySpace is now. People will likely grow complacent and want to move on to the “next big thing.

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