The Apple-Google tussle during the launch of iOS 6 had created quite a buzz. The result was Apple launched its latest operating system without built-in Google Maps. Apple came up with its own Maps called Mapplegate and launched iOS 6. However, the decision to go along on maps didn’t work in Apple’s favor forcing Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook to offer a rare public apology.

Since the in-built maps app has several inherent problems, looking out for alternatives is essential. As a daily commuter or a regular driver, installing a functional app is essential. Fortunately there are several alternatives to the in-built maps app. Furthermore, the good news is that Google has also launched Google Maps for iOS 6 as a standalone app.

5 Best Alternatives to iOS Maps

Google Maps:

Google Maps has always emerged as the best app in this category and this time it comes as a standalone app competing with the existing iOS in-built map app. The result of the break out with Apple has been that the new Google Maps app is much better than what was available on Apple earlier. Google Maps has enabled voice navigation, gives out bike routes and has enabled caching map for offline use too. Google Maps can be freely downloaded.

Garmin StreetPilot Onboard U.S.A:

Garmin has been the world leader in GPS navigation for a long time and quite naturally the app is power-packed with great features. The features include photoReal images of complex junctions, 3D mapping of buildings with lane guidance, speed alerts etc. The app also has a voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions of important junctions. It is also a pedestrian-friendly app. The upgraded version costs $ 37.99.


The MapQuest app for iOS has been made by AOL and can be freely downloaded. Using the app, you get voice-direction on upcoming lanes, turns etc. You can also find the cheapest gas prices in nearby locations and get the traffic updates via the Live Traffic Cameras. You can also use MapQuest to find nearby restaurants, hotels, airports, parking garages etc. On the downside, the app isn’t ‘Retina-ready’ thus making images pixelated and blurry.


Waze works more as a community-based application where users can feed in live traffic updates. Waze is a fun-filled free application using which you can give live updates on where you are currently located you and meet up with friends easily and quickly. During emergencies you can also report accidents and hazards. The app also works well as a voice-guided navigation tool.


If you are a public transport commuter and want regular updates on bus, train timings, vTransit will work just fine for you. Priced at $ .99, the data shown on vTransit comes directly from Google Maps. It thus comes with the assurance that the routes are accurately shown. For a daily commuter, all possible routes to a particular destination is highlighted in the app. The app can be used both in iPhones and iPads.

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