The Tesla coils placed remotely on mountain tops could produce manmade lightning, of which ozone is the byproduct, Even on a small scale careful planning could place the produced ozone in its proper locale assuming solar drifting is a real concept!

Short answer, No. There is nothing wrong with the concept Tesla coils do give of ozone, most if not all high voltage apparatus gives of some ozone as does real lighting, They could, in fact very often are run with nuclear power. The amount would be minuscule compared to things like thunderstorms. Man can even come close to making real lightning, just MUCH lower powered mini lighting like stuff.

The good news is that the ozone layer is or even has repaired itself. CFC’s were banned and we are seeing the fruits of that legislation now in a healthier ozone layer and presumably lower skin cancer rates than if we were still pumping out CFC’s into the air.

The environmental movement needs to spend more time celebrating its success so people don’t think their efforts are fruitless. Even if you could generate significant amounts of ozone that way it probably wouldn’t do much good because the highest mountains are still way below the ozone layer. That ozone is generated by oxygen reacting with radiation from outer space. Ozone molecules are highly reactive and only remain stable because the atmosphere at that elevation is very thin and they don’t collide with other molecules so often.

At lower elevations such as the surface and near mountain tops, the atmosphere is much thicker so the ozone we might generate would mostly decompose before it had a chance to reach the upper “ozone layer”. Any ozone that didn’t decompose and didn’t rise to the upper layer would just worsen the quality of the air we breathe.

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