It’s most likely you want to sign up one Facebook account with your principal email address to be able to connect with all of your friends, colleagues and family members. Hearing from friends particularly some long lost or no contact friends are always happy news. Problem is that when click on invitation to accept the “add as friend” request, you need to register a new Facebook account with that email to be able to include the request email sender as friend. Attempting to login to existing Facebook account to check for any new invitation will result in nil invite, and the invitation page loaded by link in email when logged in is lost or failed, and simply got redirect back to Facebook homepage without error message.

Facebook doesn’t have a function to permit users to include, establish or relate substitute email address besides the main registered email, so that when someone send invites to these addresses, it will automatically complement to your profile. So Facebook doesn’t have means to realize that the other email is your alternate email, which also is associated with you and should link to your Facebook profile. So the workaround is to search for your friend who sent the invite to wrong address and request to add him/her to your Facebook profile instead.

The easy way is to look for friend’s first name, last name, or email address in Facebook. Should your friend have common name the search results probably come across hundreds or even thousands of profiles in Facebook. Start with the people that you already know. You may use the FaceBook feature that will search your email accounts at Gmail (, Hotmail (, and AOL ( In case it finds some of your contacts are Facebook end users, it will give you the option to send those people as friend’s request.

After that, consider other social networking sites that you belong to and the friends that you have there also if they are not in your email address book. Determine whether they have an account on FaceBook. Write a message in NotePad to be able to copy and paste. You may need a couple of distinct messages. One might say, “I know you from such forum or social network website and I’d like to add you to my friends list here at FaceBook.” Another might say, “I realize that you don’t recognize me personally, but I see that we have something in common, so I’d like to add you to my circle of friends.” Look for individuals you know from other social network sites, bookmarking sites, micro blogging (Twitter, at, forums, and also blogs that you commonly read, and people who read your blog. Likewise consider adding other online marketers, such as marketers who are in the same niche that you are in.

Following that, you can use the search features to find people in your general area and people who have interests that are in common to yours. Simply add them even if you have never had any contact with those individuals in any online or offline venue. Look at the friends of your friends. This is a good way to grow your network as well – what you have in common is the original friend. Keep in mind that each individual you add to your network is a potential customer, or a business affiliate, and you absolutely desire your own network to develop as big as possible, as fast as possible to obtain the most benefit from FaceBook.

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