Now you can add some additional level of security in your account via using account key feature in your yahoo account. This will improve your security and thus help you in easy access of your account. In case you are tired of remembering and managing your yahoo account password then don’t get panic at all as you can now add more security to your account.
Using account Key is an additional protected way to access your account and protect it from hackers all around. With this you can even skip the password during sign in. You will get a onetime account key on your linked for yahoo customer care help-line mobile number you just have to enter that to get access to your account. Once enabled, no one as well will be able to access your account without your sanction.

How to Set up Account Key
* First of all download the latest version of any Yahoo app.
* Now you need to sign in with your Yahoo account.
* Using the web browser, sign in to your Account Info page.
* Tap on Account security.
* Tap on how it works.
* Choose your device and app to be notified on.
* TAP to yes, you will get notification.
* A notification will go to the app you selected.
* Now on your device, click on the Approve icon Image of the Account Key accept button.
* After this back in your web browser, tap on Always use Yahoo Account Key.
* Finally confirm your cell phone number, so that every time you will get accurate account key code on to your device.

Manage devices or disable Account Key
In case you’re using numerous devices and Yahoo apps, then you can decide where the notification you need is too sent. You can also turn off Account Key in case you want to switch back to a password.
* First of all to Manage Account Key from a web browser
* You need to sign in to your Account Info page.
* Tap on Account security.
* By “Yahoo Account Key,” tap to manage.
* Now tap on the toggle to the right of any device and then turn on or off.
* Click on Disable Account Key and use account password option again.
For more help regarding how Yahoo account key feature improve Yahoo mail security you need yahoo customer care support phone number and get instant help instantly.

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