Apple Inc. (AAPL) designs to introduce new versions of the iPhone and iPad in less then one month, trying to acquire customers who delayed purchases for the shortage of new versions this year.

To be exact, new versions will be released on Sep. 10, according to a blog site AllThingsD. Though not a official message, but information from here has always been proved right. Lately the new-generation ipad will be unveiled, too. Based on an insider who has already seen the new version, changes mainly lie in a thinner body design and a high-resolution screen; software will also be optimized, mainly demonstrated on the upgrade of processor.

In addition, it’s said that fingers sensor may be implanted, taking the place of inputting four numbers for decryption. It will improve its class of security.

The updates help Apple get out of troubles. With increasing pressure from Samsung and Google, and a serious of negative news (that also is increasing), the company’s stock has slumped by a third form a record. The updates of iphone and ipad, which account for 70 percent of Apple’s sale, may be a bailout, helping Apple take back the lost market. It’s a must to make iphone and ipad refreshed to drive sale growth.

Moreover, a less expensive iphone, may be named iphone5c, will be showed at the same time, aiming at attracting budget-conscious customers, esp. in developing countries. It is views as a powerful weapon to beat android products.

As usual, Apple keep silent for these sayings. But from the global market, Apple is losing its shine, whose market share has been slipping obviously. Hope this time it is a real revolution and go on the legend created by Jobs.



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