For on-line, home-based business, network marketers, or traditional businesses, the number one reason that contributes to the failure of any business is lack of customers. No customers, no money, it’s simple as that. To make money, you need customers who purchase your product or service. And to have customers, you have to have leads, or a prospect-meaning someone who is looking, or need to purchase your product or service. Then how do you get those leads or prospects?

For Michael Price, the founder/CEO of Priceless Possibilities, it has been his prayer and passion to find ways to generate leads and referrals for businesses. A former trainer of Anthony Robbins Company, Michael and his team have invested millions of dollars in the past 16 years to develop and refine the system that is currently used by 150,000 plus users. Earlier this year, Priceless Possibilities released a new product “Free Lead System Forever.” The product allows the members to join and use the product for free to generate unlimited leads. How? They developed multiple indexes of information that allows easy development of leads, no matter what type of industry you are involved in.

James Chung, president and CEO of JC Associates is also a strategic partner of Priceless Possibilities. He says, “I have been using Michael’s system for years, and there is nothing like it out there. No competitors come even close to what this system can offer to businesses to generate leads and referrals. It’s incredible; you got to see it to believe it. You can create unlimited landing pages within minutes, create an unlimited number of sub-domains, unlimited floating capture pages-the one that suddenly appears on top of any websites. It also includes an incredible contact management system with alerts and the ability to send multiple formats of messages, videos and more for less than a dollar a day. Where can you find a system like that? And all the leg work is done. It’s simply point and click.” James is also very excited about Michael’s powerful system as a business opportunity with “Accelerated leverage income” that comes with a 100% commission with a twist. This is not Multi-level marketing, but an unique affiliate program where you can leverage and generate and get overrides from other people’s income. James said “Michael told me that he has been supporting network marketing and home-based business industry close to two decades and has been pitched by most of them out there by leaders, but the pay plan with this new opportunity is something that he never heard of. When I heard that from Michael, I knew this is something that is going to be big, particularly for the people who have a large list of contacts, or active on social media.”

The company is called “Power Lead System” and they are in pre-launch stage, collaborating the effort with Michael Price with one of his former clients. Those who would like to get the updates on the pre-launch and positioned to get the early pre-enrollment notification can register at Once registered, Power Lead System will create unique website URL that people can use to forward to their contacts. Those industry leaders who are informed about this exciting product launch, from private affiliate program to business opportunity are anticipating this to be something big, either to use to explode their primary business, or a new income opportunity. Companies like AOL, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter, they used similar marketing strategy, which was to give away the service that has a value for the public, and market to their free members by exposing tools and features that are only available to paying members. We will use the same strategy by giving away a service (or a product) that can generate leads for free to our free members. And the company will send marketing messages and exposure to the paid version to the free members that has more tools and features that could be available as paid member with 7 day free-trial. Once they become paid members, messages will be sent to showcase income opportunity side of the business, and the affiliates who gave away the free system will get paid. This marketing method is proven to work, especially with our product that can help businesses to generate leads, which is incredible value for businesses. The only difference between companies like AOL, Google, Facebook and our company is that we created an income opportunity to the public like bar none, while those companies don’t offer that.

Power Lead System will be an international business opportunity, where as long as people have access to internet and know how to communicate, they can be in business with Power Lead System. For more info. Contact James, or call 714-873-8724 after registering at

James Chung is President/CEO of JC Associates, and strategic partner of Priceless Possibilities. For more information, he can be reached at 714-873-8724.