If you want your kids to be quiet, it’s not always easy. You always have them play in the yard or watch TV. If you want them to do something else, you should look into buying a Nintendo 64 system or a Sega Genesis game that will entertain them during their breaks.

A used Sega Genesis system is a great source of cheap games. Sega systems have plenty of good, used, kid-friendly games. You need to make sure to get games that can be played by multiple players, so they have fun with their siblings and friends. A cheap game is FIFA International Soccer which can be bought for only a few dollars and many kids can enjoy it. There are other interesting games, like Sonic the Hedgehog, Toy Story and ToeJam and Earl.

Perhaps you don’t yet have a used console and are wondering which one is the best for you and your kids. You need to look at which games are available for both the Sega and Nintendo systems. The Sega system has most of the cheaper games. You should never have to pay more than ten dollars for any of the games.

The Sega consoles may not have the flashiest features, but it will do the job for entertaining kids. One of the best games for older children is a role playing game called Flashback – The Quest for Identity.

For the Nintendo 64, you will enable up to four kids to play fun racing games. Among them are games like Mario Kart 64, F1 Grand Prix and Diddy Kong Racing. Racing games are always great fun for kids, who enjoy the thrill of speed and competition.

Both the Sega and Nintendo systems also appeal to a wide range of ages. Young kids can play games like Elmo’s Letter Adventure on the Nintendo 64 to scary and exciting games like Mortal Kombat for the older players on a Sega Genesis.

Don’t let the time you want to get these games sneak up on you though. The online sites where you can buy them often go through games very quickly. If you have decided on a specific game to get and you see it online, it’s best to buy it then and not wait. If you don’t buy it, you could be stuck without the game you promised the kids and that would be no fun at all. has just the Gameboy systems, Sega Genesis games, used Nintendo 64 console, or used Gamecube games you are looking for. And all at great prices too! Plus, JJGames offers free shipping on game and accessory orders over so you can be sure you get your order without paying anything extra. They have 100’s of preowned video games, such as the Sega system, in-stock every day.

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