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Russian aircraft began bombing sites in the war-torn country on Wednesday after Moscow approved air strikes aimed at degrading ISIS and propping up Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. According to the Kremlin’s own analysis, its planes had only struck ISIS targets, with the command and communication centres completely destroyed. Russian Su-25M and Su-25 jets made 20 sorties with more likely to follow in the coming days.
It comes as ground war escalated in the country, with Iran and Hezbollah revealing troops had entered in support of Assad.There were also reports Vladimir Putin, who this week signed a decree drafting 150,000 troops to the military, was preparing for soldiers to enter on the ground but this has been denied by Moscow.
The US and its coalition accomplices including Turkey have asked Russia to stop assaults on Syrian resistance powers and to concentrate on ISIS targets. While the coalition has said this could compel Assad’s foes to sign up with ISIS, some propose that is Russia’s point. A Syrian source said: “They need to clean the nation of non-Isil dissidents, and after that the US will work with them as Isis will be the main foe.”
“They are not advisers; we mean hundreds with equipment and weapons. They will be followed by more.” The ground troops were looking to reclaim rebel-held territory, according to sources in Damascus. Russia, which has a mandatory conscription for male citizens, aged 18 to 27, played down its plans for a ground offensive.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said it was “a regular document which the president signs twice a year” adding it was “not related to Syria in any way”. He also said he expected the airstrikes to continue for between three to four months.
But tensions are escalating between Russia and America with Washington reported to be considering protecting US-backed Syrian rebels if they come under fire from Putin’s armed forces. Russia yesterday admitted it was targeting other “terrorist groups” as well as Islamic State. The US and its coalition partners including Turkey have urged Russia to cease attacks on Syrian opposition forces and to focus on ISIS targets. While the coalition has said this could force Assad’s enemies to join up with ISIS, some suggest that is Russia’s aim. A Syrian source said: “They want to clean the country of non-Isil rebels, and then the US will work with them as Isis will be the only enemy.”

Putin insisted that claims of civilian deaths came before Russian jets even took off from their bases in Syria. However Khaled Khoja, head of the Syrian National Council opposition group, said that Russian airstrikes had killed 36 civilians, with five children among the dead. The claim could not be independently verified. For getting full new visit the site .

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