A number of internet sites market designs for Tesla Generators. They claim that their generator designs can produce electricity at no cost. Are their statements valid?

With peak oil nearing and almost all of our petroleum coming from nations which do not like us, our energy prospects are becoming increasingly insecure. Even if our providers do not us off entirely, power rates are in all probability going to continue increasing.

Growing energy costs harm everyone and that is exactly why an increasing number of individuals are seeking to discover renewable energy sources such as: wind, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, and geothermal power. Additionally, there is growing curiosity in self sustaining power generators. These types of generators were invented by Nikola Tesla and further improved upon by numerous others.

These types of Tesla Generators apparently generate more power than they take in and thus their proponents state that they generate cost-free electricity.

Numerous small-scale systems have already been built and they apparently work. These types of systems work utilizing the same principles as radio and cellular phone antennas. When these antennas are struck by radio waves they produce a tiny current that can then be utilized to do things like charging a mobile phone battery.

Larger systems have also been created utilizing a unique principle. Many look a lot like regular generators; however they utilize precisely timed electrical impulses to counteract the magnetic drag that opposes the rotation of the generator. By doing this, these generators require much less energy to spin and this makes them much more efficient than standard generation devices. These generators are so much more efficient that that their supporters claim that they can produce more power than they take in.

In accordance with all of this, it is evident that Tesla Generators generate electrical energy. But do all of the websites out there sell plans for Tesla Generators that live up to their promise? The truth is some do and some don’t. Tesla Generators work and are based on simple principles that power everyday devices, but not all of these websites out there sell valid blueprints.

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