Astronomers accept that the earth is slowly shifting towards the age of Aquarius. The age of aquarius is after the age of Pisces. We are now in the age of Pisces. According to astromoners, a new age will happen approximately every two thousand years. Each 2k years, the spring equinox happens in an earlier constellation. The spring equinox has taken place several times in the Pieces age. It is assumed the aquarius consteallation will occur in the near future too. The majority will count the age of aquarius from the year of Jesus ministry. If you figure out the age of aquarius from the year of Jesus ministry, you will find that each age lasts for 2150 years.

The age of Aquarius was originally designed by the people that practice occult in the twentieth century. New Age believers claim that aquarians have positive features while the pisceans have negative traits. In the Aquarius age, plenty of weird things will increase in appreciation. For instance, more people are becoming salad munchers. In this age, many folks will like alternative medication instead of modern medicine. The Mayans predicted that humankind of stop looking for answers in possessions. Instead, they can seek answers through alternative ways.

According to the Zohar religion, people will realize the meaning of the riddles which have not been deciphered many generations back. The Kabala claims that folk are living in malicious states of hatred and fear for millenia but the age of aquarius will bring everybody into unity. Jewish rabbis accept that humankind can’t see God ever since Adam eats the fruit from the tree of data. They believe that the tree of life is the solutions to the humanrace issues. In Kabbalah speculation, the tree of life symbol makes reference to the creator of all things. Symbols such as seed of life and flower of life can be discovered in the Jewish synagogue. Rabbi Yehuda Alay claimed that people will begin to show interest in the creator of the universe in the aquarius age.

Robert Zoller, a scholar of the medieval astrology predicted that the Age of Aquarius suggest the world will come under the dominion of high positions officials. Everyone will become egotistic and disaffected. Families will not love one another. Instead, they will hate one another. Zoller claimed that only the elect who have knowledge in discerning the truth will be in a position to gain superiority over the war. He told the scientists in the Age of Aquarius will be in a position to use advanced technoligy to cause quakes. Zoller said that the mankind will use science to break each other. In the Age of Aquarius, people will decline God and be offensive against religion.

Everyone has their own opinion about how the world will come to be when it enters the Age of Aquarius. Many people accept that technology is a hint that the Age of Aquarius is approaching. As an example, the fast expansion of web and heavy traveling are signs a new age is coming.

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