Community social networks in cyberspace more and more attractive to all people, especially twitter. This site is a heavy competitor Facebook in the number of visitors each day. Here I will give info about supporting 10 applications downloadable, if you are a twitter user maniac. Of course, all of those is freeware, and free for distribution. So you do not need to worry about the license.

1. Bitter

With this application, you can interact directly with Twitter, Plurk, and Friend Feed. This application can be run on the latest Windows OS – Windows 7, but it certainly XP and Vista also supports. Some of the features you also get a Single Column UI, Manage Multiple Accounts, Auto Spell Check, Low Memory Usage and others.

2. MadTwitter

This application allows you to read “tweets” written by your friends, and can also write “tweets” for yourselves. This application was inspired by Twitterrific is owned by the Macintosh. At the time of first use, you must register first Twitter account. Then, there will be some selection option you have to do.

3. Power Twitter

This application will add features to your twitter web interface. Which will be added to its interface is a display of photographs fickr, and videos from YouTube. This application requires browser Firefox, because this is an add-on application. Install Firefox directly by opening the first.

4. Twitter Gadget by Google

If you love to do updates without having to open the browser, you can do in the desktop by running this application. This application helps you to update quickly. Only, this application requires Google Desktop 1.0 up to be used.

5. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a specialized personal for you. This application is like a browser that can be used to keep in touch with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, and so on. This application provides the required information is accurate and up-to-date, as long as you are associated with social networks of course.

6. Novasoft Tweetie

This application is very useful for you to Unfollow Twitter users who are you follow, but they will not return to follow you. This application is based desktop, where the method is easy to remove the account from which “dead” found on your follow list. This application also helps to follow people who might be interested in yourself.

7. Twhirl

This application is a desktop Twitter client. This is based on Adobe AIR platform, so you must install Adobe AIR first, before you can use it. With this application, you can connect simultaneously to many accounts Twitter, FriendFeed, Seesmic Video, and, and many other functions that you can get from this application.

8. TwitterBar

TwitterBar is an add-on Applications that can be used in Firefox. TwitterBar is an Twitter icon that appears to the right pad browser address bar. If you click on the icon, you can update your “tweet” or your comment. Move your mouse cursor to find out how many characters are left to fill in your comment.

9. Twitterlicious

Applications that can handle the difficult job becomes easier. You can read and write “tweets” with quite easily. It can show detailed information, and only need a little space. Automatically it would hide itself in the Sytem Tray if not required, and automatic pop-ups if there are updates “tweets” from your friends.

10. Twitterer

This free application can be used to update tweet on your twitter account easily and quickly. In the box, you simply write your comment, and then click OK on the button provided, tweet will automatically update.

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