Unmetered servers provide low cost and affordable server solutions. It also assures low budget dedicated bandwidth. It provides a dedicated server to meet the needs of each user. These 100 mbps unmetered servers provide a dedicated uplink of 100 mbps.

The main attraction of unmetered dedicated servers is that it provides the user the full pledged freedom of customizing the server. The customizable factors include the disk drives, Ram etc. the dedicated bandwidth can be used fully with reliable speed.

Some of the processors that offer unmetered bandwidth include:

* Intel E3-1230V2
* Intel E3-1270V3
* Intel E5-2620
* Intel E5-1650

The first two processors provide 32 bit RAM space and the latter two processors provide 64 bit RAM space. All these processors provide 500GB SATA disk. The assurance given by the Intel processors are that they provide robust performance together with reliable and dedicated hardware.

A seedbox can be thought of as a dedicated server-preferably called a private server. The main purpose of such servers is to upload and download the digital files by using the BitTorrent protocol. These seedbox can be connected to high speed networks with a throughput of 100Mbits to assure the easy and quick downloading of large files. The speeds provided by these seedboxes attract the users to prefer it always. It will be working continuously for the whole day long without interfering with the internet connection. The only reason that keeps some user away from the seedboxes is that it is quite expensive. Though expensive they are the safest and secure private servers one could ever find.

Here are some tips that might be useful before you opt a seedbox:

* Calculate the budget you have for buying a seedbox

* Calculate the amount of space that you require to store all your digital files in the seedbox.

* Prefer to those with unlimited upload speed.

* Be assured that you will get the maximum and the best customer support. This can be made sure by asking them pre-sales questions. Make it sure that you are well satisfied with the product and well confident that it meets your need.

Some of the top seedboxes are yTALK, Snt Hosting, SeedStorm Top Seedbox etc. All these provide a space of more than 90GB space and a speed of more than 100 mbps.

So what are you waiting for now? Just prepare a budget that can afford a seedbox and enjoy the unlimited speed of uploading and downloading digital files in the Torrent now itself!

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