We love food. We love to taste it, purchase it, take pictures of it and talk about it. And we especially love food when we can make great meals at home. Taking cooking classes in Philadelphia or cooking classes in Atlanta is a great way to spend a night out and learn a fun and wonderful craft that will be good for you and the whole family.

Cooking Classes in Philadelphia

1. La Cucina at the Market. Italian cooking and traditions galore. This place has several classes for beginners through expert. Classes are also designed around themes from party to formal cooking.

2. Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College. This place has been producing some of the finest chefs and restaurateurs in the U.S. Learn from acclaimed chef instructors and be making perfect soufflé or petit fours in just one day.

3. Cook. This is a part cooking class and part chef’s table for the real foodie. Local chefs teach, entertain and feed students, and a great opportunity to hang out with them afterwards.

4. Chef Joseph Poon Hands-on Cooking Classes. When Chef Poon isn’t making television appearances he’s right here in Philadelphia teaching lively classes in the art of noodle making, dim sum and sushi.

5. Fante’s. For over 50 years this place has been one of the premiere culinary schools for old and young students alike. As a bonus, you can also get a discount in the kitchen store so even if you don’t become an expert overnight, you can delight on some wonderful desserts.

Cooking Classes in Atlanta

1. Seven Arts Center. In addition to classes, this place offers literary, performing and material arts. They have music multimedia, culinary courses and creative writing classes.

2. Chinese Southern Belle. This great culinary school provides hands-on cooking classes, custom cooking parties, as well as food tours and Asian market shopping.

3. Cooking School for Real Foodies. You may not be the next Iron Chef but this class helps you get started on your way. Classes are designed around keeping things light and fun. They also provide spaces for various events if you want to bring in a large group or host a party.

4. Canvas Personal Chef Services and Cooking Classes. Private cooking classes are an absolute must for anyone who is concerned about starting out. The one-on-one training is a great way to get the most out of the instructional sessions.

5. Salt Your Food. If you’re not one to get out much, then you might find this in-home cooking class. In addition to classes, Salt Your Food also provides in home dinners, tastings and menus for all of your parties and special events.

Enrollment in cooking classes in Atlanta and Philadelphia has increased by leaps and bounds the past few years. Don’t hesitate in getting in on this fun and instructive activity. Get started today and enjoy a wonderful meal you’ve created right in the comfort of your own home.

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