One of the big concerns for making any sort of purchase online is the method of payment. Cash, of course, is always fairly easy to use in a store, while cards of some kind have become an increasingly popular option for people to use. Online purchases, however, can be much more worrying for someone. After all, even if the dealer is a highly reputable, affordable location for a particular product or service, there’s always the chance that some hacker could intercept the information somewhere along the line and start using it to ruin your life.

Here at Webcontacts Pty Ltd, we take the security of your financial information very seriously. That’s why our store has been set up to permit the purchase of products through the PayPal system. For those who aren’t familiar with this particular service, PayPal is something of a specialized online bank, widely considered to be one of the most reputable systems possible. In fact, some stores online won’t accept anything else unless they’ve got a financial service of their own, and you get all sorts of increased security when all the PayPal contact lens you purchase are delivered right to your door.

The first step to your increased security is the fact that PayPal primarily works with e-mail addresses while you’re in the store. You’ll log in to a secure account in order to make the payment, but you won’t need to enter any of your financial information during the transaction. Instead, PayPal will process the transfer of your money separately. For an added layer of security and isolation from your main account, you can actually store money in PayPal in much the same way you’d store money in a bank, allowing you to move money only between the system and the store when making your purchases.

PayPal takes your privacy and information very seriously at every step of their process, which is part of what has helped them become one of the world’s most popular financial services. PayPal contact lenses also have an added degree of security in that the system is set up to monitor your transactions, record them, and allow you to dispute any unauthorized transactions should they somehow pop up. However large or small your order is, you’ll be able to monitor every aspect of it and make sure that your financial information is safe. Best of all, PayPal as a service is free for opening an account; they make their money by taking parts of certain transactions, and as a business, we’re quite comfortable with allowing them their cut because of the safety and security that they provide to you.

Webcontacts Pty Ltd does not own or operate PayPal, and as such, we have no control over their system and are unfortunately unable to help you with the direct resolution of any problems you may have. However, PayPal does have its own customer support, as well as a variety of FAQ sheets and informational sections that you can (and should) read before trusting your money to them.

Make payments for your contact lens the safe, easy, and secure way by using PayPal.

PayPal contact lenses offer an added layer of security to lens purchased the normal way, so you can feel good about using PayPal contact lens throughout your daily life.