Is someone special of yours a beer lover? And you want to gift something different to him? If yes, then beer growler is the perfect gift for your beloved. Only a beer lover can understand the value of growler. For them it’s not just a container but a necessity.

Nowadays, growlers are becoming very popular. They are considered as the perfect way for storing and carrying beer. There are many microbreweries and small brew pubs which allow their customers to purchase beer and store it in a growler. So, if you are a strong beer enthusiast and want to taste real beer at home, then beer growler is the best option for you.

When there is a talk of favorite drinks, then youngsters and adults go for the beer only. Beer is a cool beverage and that’s why it is served cool. To ensure the freshness of beer it is important to store it in such a container that lasts its freshness and taste. And for this growlers are there to help you. A growler is a container which is used to carry fresh craft beer home from a brewery. Thus, growler can be a perfect gift for beer lovers.

There are many containers available with different shapes, sizes and choosing the best growler which suits your needs is a tough job. While choosing a growler, the spectrum is quite broad. The most common growler is glass growler which is used as short-term storage solution for the brewery. But the disadvantage of having glass growler is breakage problem.

Under such circumstances, ClassyStylez offers double wall insulated stainless steel water bottle/beer growler which is specially designed to ensure tap fresh flavor. With wide mouth, you can easily add ice to the bottles. ClassyStylez’s premium quality beer growler,64 Oz is designed with threaded lid and heavy duty handle, so now you’ll never have to face handle break off again.

So, this is the time to drink fresh with ClassyStylez’s growler for beer. Its double wall insulated body keeps COLD on average of 20 hours and HOT on average of 8 hours.

The stainless steel water bottle/beer growler comes with vacuum insulated body with copper plated inner wall that helps to retain the internal temperature longer and can hold up to 60 PSI. Make your beverages fresh with 64 oz Double Wall Premium Grade 18/8 stainless steel water bottle/beer growler. Order today and taste fresh up to your last sip.

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