Twitter, which was originally launched with the sole motto of rendering a medium to the users to have their say, is no longer just a social networking website. Rather it has evolved as a powerful medium for business promotion and internet marketing. Whenever you post something on your account at this social networking website (better known as tweet), your message directly reaches to the people who are your followers. This mass of people is specifically known as Twitter followers. A large number of Twitter followers will mean that your tweet is reaching a larger number of audiences at once.
Exploring the immense advertising power of this tool, various business organizations are using it as a medium to reach to their targeted customers. They are using various tricks to increase Twitter followers for their fan page. Whether you have a huge customer base or you are about to launch your product or services in the market, having more fan or followers will always have a positive impact on your business. So here are some tips to guide you through:
* Take the help of other websites – If you have a web portal for your business or post blogs on various other websites concerning your business and product line, place Twitter widgets on these websites to let your readers connect to your Twitter account through various paths.
* Make sure you are following the right people – This trend has been commonly observed that when you follow someone on Twitter, he will follow you back. So make sure that you follow the right people so that their following you back will benefit the internet credibility of your business. Using this technique, you can make sure that you have relevant Twitter followers in your account.
* Tweet about recent topics in addition to the updates concerning your business – People like to log on to the social networking websites to get fresh and useful information. Though, making a fan page is meant to inform your followers about your company updates, you can also tweet about some interesting and most recent topics that people may want to know about. People like to read about things that may benefit them like health tips and latest gossips about celebrities. You don’t have to tweet every hour, tweeting once or twice a day is enough to keep your followers interested and informed.
* Do not forget to use your Facebook account – If you have a huge list of friends on social networking websites like Facebook, sharing your Twitter address on your account will surely help you get a huge fan following on your Twitter account.
* Never miss on the questions asked by your followers and customers – If your followers want to know more about your products and services take it as a golden chance to increase Twitter followers and ultimately, enhance your customer base. Reply them with a welcoming and positive response. You can also make use of tools like automated response to make sure none of your followers goes unattended.

You can enhance your customer base by making the right use of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. To know more about how to increase Twitter followers, log on to

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