1. Configure an internet connection on your 3DS
    • From the 3DS Main menu, Go to System Settings (Wrench icon) -> Internet Settings -> Connection Settings
    • Click ‘New Connection’ -> Manual Setup -> Search for Access Point
    • Click your Wifi name, and enter your password
    • Ensure the test connection succeeds.
  2. Add your Friend
    • From the Main menu, click the ‘Friend List’ icon (the Orange Smiley face)
    • Give your friend your ‘Friend Code’, and ask for theirs
    • Click ‘Register Friend’ -> via Internet and enter their friend code
  3. Go to Festival Plaza in Sun/Moon
    • Start Sun/Moon, load your game, then open the Menu
    • Open ‘Festival Plaza’ – by default it’s on the second screen of options
  4. Connect Sun/Moon to the internet
    • On the bottom screen there will be a “Connected to local wireless communication” message.
    • Click the ‘Wifi’ symbol in the bottom-right of the bottom screen.
    • Follow the prompts to connect to the internet
    • Once connected, the message will change to “Connected to the Internet”
  5. Finally, Trade
    • On the bottom screen (still in Festival Plaza), click ‘Trade’
    • Click ‘Link Trade’
    • Assuming your friend is online, they will show up in the ‘Guest List’.
    • Click your friend’s name and follow the prompts.