People are starting to catch on to the benefits of getting the Nintendo DS emulator download. This is a downloadable program that allows you to play console specific games on your computer, without having to purchase the game console or any of its handhelds. The components that every console uses to drive the hardware will be in the downloadable emulator program.

Anyone that plays video games or has a child that is into video games knows that it can be a frustrating venture to have the latest and greatest games. You may own one system and a particular game may come out that is only available for only one type of video game console. The Mario games are exclusive for the Nintendo franchise but that does not help you if you happen to own an Xbox 360. Or you may be content with the game console that you have only to have the next version hit the market in three years or less.

An emulator will save you money by allowing you to play games prior to buying them. Now you do not have to wait for a friend to get a different game system so that you can make a better decision whether it is worth spending the extra money for a new system. You can sample almost all of the games across every gaming platform, even the older 8 to 16 bit games.

There are some games that will allow some playability but will either crash or enter a loop and not allow the entire game to be played all the way through. Other games may be playable but the game speed will drop significantly during graphic intensive scenes.

You might find that some of the games will crash, loop or slow down during scenes that are graphic intensive. Most of those games are marked accordingly. If someone writes a compatible code, it will usually be noted on the website.

The Nintendo DS emulator download will bring the Nintendo DS games to your computer. At the time this article was written, the emulator has just become available so not all of the DS games are available to play via the emulator. However, it does not take a long period of time for technology to advance, so it should not be a long wait until you will be able to play most DS games with the Nintendo DS emulator on your PC.

For gamers, this is an exciting advancement and hopefully it will make access to the newest games a piece of cake for traveling gamers, gamers who spend more time on their PC than their consoles, and for those who want to experience new technology.

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