If you are already a blogger with WordPress or if you plan to get a WordPress blog going, then you may be interested in the Twitter WordPress plug-ins. You can have a lot of fun with a blog and with Twitter. Also, if you are of a business frame of mind you can use both of these tools to advance your enterprise. If you haven’t joined Twitter, but have a blog, now’s the time to join.

Now that you have a blog and are on Tweeter, you can use the Twitter tools to manually or automatically publish your new posts on Twitter and to transport your tweets to your blog. How cool is that? Way cool tool usage that can promote your web presence on both sites.

Alternately, you can showoff what you are publishing at Twitter with the Twitter Badge. This is java-script code that displays your posts. Nice huh? Or you can use the Twitter Updater to alert your Twitter account if you edit or post at your WordPress blog. You can make specifications for each action and turn the updater on and off.

You can set Twitter Doodle to publish any significant keywords unto your blog at certain intervals that you want them to pop up. The SimplyTwitter tool lets you add Twitter messages to a template at your WordPress blog. Or you can use Tweet-Twoo to update your Twitter state from your blog’s sidebar. TwitterComments will supply the comments of your blog to Twitter as they are made.

As you can tell, these are some useful plug-ins to use to communicate between your Twitter account and your WordPress blog. It is a good method for getting people over to your blog or vice versa. These are some good self promotion tools that you can use.

You’ll really like the TweetThis plug-in. A visitor to your blog can click on TweetThis and generate a link or button. It actually makes a shorter URL to the page on your blog. The visitor gets a chance to write a description of the page and to Tweet it. This is a neat viral promotion method that can increase your blogs popularity in the Twitter community and beyond. It can make the world your oyster. Don’t you like TweetThis already? Of course, you do.

With of all those people tweeting your blog and the news spreading around that you have a great music, marketing, art, tattoo or whatever blog that has good content your popularity will grow. This is what these tools can do for you.

TwitterFeed is another good plug-in for the savvy blogger to use. Just provide your Twitter account with the URL for your RSS feed at your blog and set how often you want it to update.

These plug-ins can inform your blog visitors about your Tweeter account and get tweets over to your blog. There is a world of communication waiting for you at Twitter and there are other tools for you to explore and use like Social Homes, which is a sidebar widget that informs people you have accounts with other social media. They show-up as linked favicons. Now yor’re ready to become a member and enjoy Twitter. Go for it.

Tristan Andrews is a freelance author who writes articles about Free Twitter Buttons and Free Software Download.