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Why did Twitter remove this data?
When asked directly, the statement of Twitter about the deletion of tweet accounts has always been:
“Twitter accounts did not exactly reflect the impact on Twitter of conversation on content, they are often more misleading to customers than helpful.”
Overall, I agree with Twitter that tweets counts are not a holistic measure of the actual engagement of the audience. They are not the end-all-to-all to show the success of your brand on the channel or for the content you are promoting. Instead, they are part of the puzzle – a piece of commitment.
However, if Twitter were really concerned about reports of false successes, they would long ago have removed tracking counters, the ultimate measure of social media vanity. Or took strong steps to block automated accounts and track purchases. Do not take action against shallow metrics, while “protecting” users from the number of shares, makes their ring declaration hollow.
OMG, has Twitter launched an alternative?
About a year ago, Twitter acquired Gnip, a company metrics solution. Gnip’s main goal is to combine social data and integrate it into a brand’s reputation management software, enabling powerful information about clients and community members to be obtained. But as it is focused on a corporate audience, it is out of the reach of most brands. Moreover, the fact that it is serviced by the API means that brands must have the knowledge and skills of development / talent in order to truly customize the data.
Since the countdown of shares, Gnip has released a beta Engagement API and promised a future Audience API. This API seems to carry all the data you would need to put these sharing accounts together. However, an important note:
“Currently, only three measurements are available from the end point of the totals: Favorites, Answers and Retweets.” We are working to make impressions and commitments available. “
For those of you running to your favorite tools – TOS Gnip currently banned the resale of their data, making it basically forbidden to fit into the tools, although some companies like Buzzsumo have paid and got permission to use The data in their software. The withdrawal of the number of shares caused Apple to quietly kill Topsy.
Feel the dark side of social media, Twitter
Killing share account has not been without its damage to Twitter as a brand. In his article on lost and won trademarks in Google search, Dr. Pete Meyers notes that Twitter has gone from # 6 to # 15. This must harm their traffic.
Twitter lost as a major brand on Google in 2015
However, Twitter has also made an agreement with Google in order to show tweets directly in Google searches, which means that the Twitter brand can not be as damaged as it appears.
Star Wars tweet feed in Google results
Perhaps the biggest ding to Twitter is in their actual business and sharing articles on their platform. Shareaholic sharing reports on Twitter is down 11% since the change has been implemented.
Shareaholic Voice Chart Share on Twitter
It’s hard to sell Twitter as a viable place to invest social media time, energy and money when there is no easy proof in the pudding. You might have to dig deeper into your strategy and activities for answers.
Repeat your Twitter stats!
Bad news: Almost none of these measures replicate or replace the stock count metric. Most of them only cover what you tweet, and they do not capture other places that your content is shared.
The good news: Some of these measures are probably better

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