The rapid gas price increases have pushed many to use every gas savings tip they can find, including gas cards. Gas cards have been around for a while but it is only recently that its use have spread like an epidemic. Why? Because gas cards offer rebates on gas purchases. There are many types of cards available and one of them is the BP Gas Card.

The BP Gas Cards comes in the form of BP Consumer Gas Cards and Gift Cards. It is currently one of the top gas cards available because of its features. If you don’t have a gas card yet and is considering getting one, then get the BP Gas Card. Here are the top five reasons why you need one in your wallet.

1. Highest Rebate
BP gas cards offer the highest available rebate in the gas card market. It offers a 5% rebate on all gas purchases at any BP stations. Every time you pump gas at any BP station, you earn 5% rebates in the form of rewards points that can be accumulated and converted to cash back. Once you accumulate $ 25 rewards points, you can can easily redeem your rewards by requesting a check payable to your name or through a gift card.

2. Introductory Rate
The BP gas card offers introductory rates, a double rebate for the first sixty days or twelve months. Their regular rebate is at 5%, so you’re looking at an introductory rate of 10%. You actually double you savings in the first two or twelve months that you use your card. And if you use your rebates for gas purchases, you earn even bigger savings.

3. No rebate caps
Unlike other gas cards, the BP Gas Cards don’t have rebate caps. This means unlimited gas rebates and savings. Why go for cards that limit your savings when there’s unlimited rebates with BP Gas Cards?

4. No annual fee
Holding a BP gas card won’t cost you anything. BS Gas Cards has no annual fee and this means that no fees will eat out your savings. In choosing gas cards, be wary of fees that can easily undermine your savings. With BP Gas Cards, you are sure of getting your savings in full.

5. Rebate on other purchases
The BP Gas Cards works just like an ordinary credit card, you can also use them to pay for non-gas purchases and the good thing is you can earn rebates on them too. They offer a 4% rebate on eligible travel and dining expenses and 2% on all other purchases. If you are worried on having too many credit cards on your wallet, you can go ahead and ditch your other credit cards for BP gas cards.

There are many gas cards out there. Some even offer other perks such as airline tickets and gift certificates but if you really want to save on gas money, then you should go for cash back rewards. Luckily, there are BP Gas Cards that offer the highest unlimited cash back rebates. offers free applications for BP gas credit cards online. Apply for a BP gas card today at