If you want to buy a video game for DSI these days you have to pay a lot of money. This is why downloading them off the internet is a much cheaper option. One of the hottest gaming consoles today, the Nintendo DSi has a big library of such. The best thing about them is that they are downloadable, no need to go to the mall to buy them.

They are everywhere on the Internet when one googles them. In most cases you can even find them totally free of charge. Below you can find some websites where you can get DSi downloads.

The official Nintendo DSi website offers downloadables with the DsiWare and Nintendo Dsi shop, where one can get unique games and applications. They can be downloaded using the Nintendo Dsi Points; but most of their Dsi downloads aren’t free. And the bad side is most of them are simple games such as Scrabble Tools, Crazy Sudoku, Petz Kittens, Hospital Havoc, Happy Birthday Mart, etc which hardcore players won’t like. They prefer RPGs and other action games which cannot be found on the offical Nintendo DSi site.

But the brilliant computer hackers, hardcore gamers and third party makers have discovered a way to pirate Nintendo DS games. They are run on files called roms, and there are many of them on the Internet. Absolutely free. On these sites you will find titles such as Cooking Mama, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon Pearl and Diamond, and of course Super Mario Bros. These sites offer titles every gaming enthusiast would simply love. On these sites everyone can even share his own games.The bad thing is: It is illegal downloading from these sites and you better stay away!. It is also a known fact that downloads are oftentimes infected with malware, spyware, or adware. So do not even think of downloading from these sites! You are not only breaking copyright laws, you will also run the risk downloading a virus and ruining your DSi.

If you dig deeper in Google you will also come across websites offering DSI downloads in torrents. You will need a peer-to-peer program such as BitTorrent and Utorrent and a lot of patience to download games from these sites. But it is also not legal, and files found on these sites are also often infected with viruses and malware. This is why downloading from these sites is definitely not recommended-.

The good news is: there is another breed of DSi download sites: DSi membership sites. By paying a onetime fee you may download as many games as you can handle. The great thing about DSi membership sites is that all downloads are pre-scanned for viruses and you won’t need any special software. So if you are an avid gamer and you are sick of paying for each and every game, this is the way to go.

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