All of us have to be frequently reminded magic formulas don’t really exist. But still, our experimentation and experiences often lead to insights about what’s next. Hopefully, the following insights and sample tools mentioned in this article will inspire your consideration and actions for 2012.
What Happened in 2011?
For most of the brands, perhaps the most predominant focus with Facebook marketing in 2011 was growing the fan base only. We were able to see a variety of custom Facebook applications like tabs paired with Facebook ad buys, to click LIKE option all this was to become a fan for that page & this the first or even final
As a result, some of the most common questions emerged in they are
1. What’s the value of a Facebook fan?
2. How many Facebook fans should we have?
3. Now we have got fans, what should we do with them?
4. What can we be doing with Facebook outside of Facebook?
Honestly, many have even asked, “why are we doing this again?”
Tools Used
Fear not, it’s not another discussion on analytics or the latest changes in the Facebook insights. This discussion is beyond tracking simple key performance indicators (KPIs) within some marketing dashboard that spits out monthly reporting with +/- percentages.
On the contrary, it goes straight to the core of how companies can use a new breed of tools leveraging Facebook data to dramatically improve advertising results, content creation and overall business strategies. Let’s take a quick look at two tools in particular: CalmSea and InfiniGraph.
CalmSea is a technology platform that enables you to create a conversion based offer that can be accessed via a website, email, tweet, and mobile device or Facebook page.
As an example, let’s consider a coupon. Normally, the basic data you would expect to collect with an online coupon might consist of clicks, shares and redemption. Of course, you may also collect some demographics or even additional data, depending on form-related entries required for the user in order to get the coupon.
The trick with CalmSea lies within an extra click that prompts your Facebook authorization in exchange for access to the coupon or other offer. This authorization includes access to 3-4 of your Facebook permissions, which provides the CalmSea platform with multiple data points specific to your social graph likes, interests, demographics, friends, etc…
All of this activity can take place on any web page, including your ability to share the coupon with others on Facebook without actually ever going to your Facebook page.
The Power of Data
CalmSea takes the Facebook user interactions and news feeds around the given offer, and then combines that data with purchase/conversion analytics could be Google Analytics to aggregate and display insights on segments of users/customers with the highest levels of:
* Engagement
* Profitability
* Influence
This kind of data goes beyond Facebook Insights, in that it enables you to build predictive models based on distinct attributes that best describe current and potential customers with respect to the three items listed above.
The InfiniGraph platform aggregates Facebook and Twitter data for the purpose of identifying relevant real-time affinities, content and interests that are trending around a particular brand, product or industry. There are two key considerations with respect to how this platform’s output produces actionable value:
* Improved performance on your Facebook ads: Gives you insights to new interests/keywords you should be targeting as part of your selection process within Facebook’s ad platform.
* Insights to assist with content creation and duration: Gives you a clear picture and delivery mechanism for content also includes likes, comments, clicks, retweets, and shares.
InfiniGraph’s approach to identifying content that’s trending on Facebook, in particular, provides a level opportunity that is certainly missed by many brands wishing to dive deeper into content strategy.
To describe how this works, imagine a series of Facebook status updates that are posted about subject matter relevant to your fans on your Facebook page or another Facebook page your fans follow.
Although the summaries on these platforms don’t do them justice, my hope is you’ll be inspired to dig deeper regarding the possibilities they offer. It will be interesting to see how Facebook will continue enabling access to data, but I think it’s a safe prediction that advanced marketers will leverage it to the hilt.

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