You gotta know what a Wii is by now, but just in case you crawled out from underneath your rock and you were wondering about this system in particular, I think I could probably help you out! See according to market researcher David Cole, who runs the firm DFC Intelligence, his best estimate is that 40 percent of U.S. households own a working video-game console. Michael Pachter, an analyst for Wedbush Morgan Securities, estimates that 52% of households own consoles. This is really saying something not only about Wiis but about gaming consoles and the consumers involvement with them.

If you have ever wondered why there are so many different systems out there, it’s because of stats like that above. Everyone wants one, consoles all offer different options and different games, and it’s because they can ALL afford to bring out a new system because they know we the consumers will eat it up. This is our bread butter. This is what we enjoy, sitting on the couch with controller in hand playing Tom Clancy at three am or beating up some guy in the boxing game on Wii with our handy remote! This is what we want!

The Wii is a video game console released by Nintendo, this console primarily competes with Xbox and Sony PlayStation 3. Nintendo states this console targets a broader demographic in that it does. The financial Times reported that as of September 12, 2007 its sales has been the leader of its generation. One of the named features of this console in particular is its wireless controller also called a remote which can be used in a handheld pointing device and detect movement in three dimensions. This console is the fifth one developed by Nintendo and is a direct successor of the Nintendo GameCube. As of September 30 2008 over 34.55 million units have been shipped to North America, South America, Japan, and other regions. One would think that Japan would have been this unit ships, however, Japan is only at 6.91 million whereas South America and North America are at 15.19 million. This is absolutely amazing!

The first really popular game was that of the sports edition which included things like golf, tennis, and my personal favorite; boxing. It’s really amazing when you think about how innovative the Wii has become and yet how popular it still stands even more than a year later. These systems can sell for up to thousands of dollars on sites like eBay and Amazon, and are one of the most sought after systems ever before. That’s really saying something considering the amount of various systems out there nowadays, between Sony, and Microsoft and all those other big names. But really it shouldn’t be that surprising consider after Atari the next real gaming console was that of the original Nintendo which was something that every kid around the country wanted; and most of us got. Since then those of us who had Nintendo, have most likely been addicted to all the other Nintendo’s as well, so why not add Wii to the collection?!?

If you are looking for something different, something innovative, and something that will get you up off your couch and really get your heart and your mind into gear, you seriously need to check out the Nintendo Wii, I seriously doubt you will be disappointed, I know I wasn’t!

This author is a HUGE fan of new Nintendo Wii