If you are one of the thousands of people out there that just cannot get enough of Facebook, you also are probably always looking for something to make your Facebook experience more enjoyable. There are a lot of different Facebook software programs available and a few of the more popular ones are listed here.

If you are looking for a nice little instant message program, Naevius Facebook IM 1.0 is a nice one to add. This program makes it very easy for you to be in contact with all your friends with just one little click. It is very user friendly and lets you do a variety of other things on your page from the IM software.

Chit Chat for Facebook 1.3 is a nice messenger device that allows you to be able to chat with all of your friends on Facebook right from your desktop without the use of using any kind of web browser. It also comes with alerts to when your friends are online, chat history and even instant message windows that can be tabbed.

If you happen to not be on your Facebook page but still want to know what is going on a good software program to keep you apprised of everything would be FizzBoost for Facebook 2.5. This little program will deliver all kinds of information to your desktop like friend invites, pokes, messages, posts on your wall and much more. It also lets you view your friends photos and albums and at the same time you can even upload your own into your albums or even create new albums without even going to your Facebook page. This program will also let out different sounds when there are notifications and or updates.

You can also enable yourself to access your Facebook page directly from your web browser by installing the Facebook Toolbar 1.4.3 software. This will let you locate a variety of different things through a search bar and it also will let you send different kinds of communications to your friends directly from your web browser.

If you are not satisfied with what Facebook has to offer for layouts you can easily change and create your own layout by using the Naevius Facebook Layouts 1.0 software program. It will produce HTML code you can use to change your layout of your different Facebook pages.

If you chat or instant message a lot and are looking for something fun to add to your messages, the Facemoods software is a nice little program that lets you add cute smileys and emoticons right into your message or chat window. They also offer a variety of different sounds to add to your chat as well.

Looking for Facebook software to help boost your marketing prowess? In this Facebook software exposure, we’ll teach you all you’ll need to know.

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