When you want the best hamboards, freeline skates, and camera to make your skating and surfing experiences even more memorable, you should turn to NXSports. They make world-class hamboards which offer you the thrills of surfing on land like the classic hamboards which are equipped to sail through turns. They come with wheels, bearings and trucks, the hamboard fish which is easier to move and more maneuverable, and you can enjoy the rail-to-rail turns. The pumping acceleration which only a surfer can feel is something that you are likely to feel when you try the NX sports hamboards. A couple of inches shorter than the classic hamboards is the customized bamboo hamboard which feels like wood but rides like classic hamboards.

The freeline skates brought out by NXSports were originally invented by a seasoned surfer Ryan Farelly. These feature dual independent skates and with a pair of wide freeline wheels in each skate. These are placed one ahead of the other and are ridden sideways. The freeline skates function in ways similar to those of surfboards and you can try almost the same tricks which you are skilled at performing with skateboards. Their cutting-edge design makes for an enthralling skating experience which is faster and more dynamic involving both uphill and downhill movements.

The Skullcandy came about in 2003, launched by Rick Alden at the International Consumers Electronic Show held at Las Vegas. This technology combined headphones along with hands-free cellular techniques so that user could listen to music and make calls simultaneously. Likewise the GoPro camera remains one of the most significant achievements by NXSports because it enables you to capture images using this helmet camera. The GOPRO camera is very beneficial for those engaging in adventure sports or trekkers because they are convenient, use digital camera technology, and are sophisticated. Although costlier than conventional cameras, the helmet cameras guarantee far sharper image quality and are also weather-proof. So, you can use the camera even for underwater expeditions. For surveillance uses, the camera is much used by the armed forces. Such helmet cameras are both affordable and also professional because they offer high storage capacity, high resolutions, and power to capture full-length videos. These are very popular among sky diving enthusiasts, snowboarders, motor cycle racers because they help capture their most memorable moments forever. You can become a GoPro Hero by buying these wearable helmet cameras that make for some most exciting sports gear today. The world’s tiniest and lightest High Definition sports camcorder used by adventure sports enthusiasts is the BulletHD.

Freeline Sports have come up with the freeline OG which helps protect the skates from wear and tear. The OG’s swing arms can withstand nearly 3000 pounds of downward force and the aluminum-made body makes it durable. So, in response to the attempts by several surfers to make skateboards that capture the same thrills of surfing, the hamboards came about. Designed first by a family of seven surfers in California, this device resembled something like a surfboard and most importantly offered the same thrills as surfing.

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