Some people know that they would love to go into business for themselves but are not quite sure what type of business would suit them. If you really enjoy people and hanging out drinking coffee with your friends, then you may want to consider opening a coffee shop of your own.

This is a great opportunity to have a place where people can meet to discuss politics, listen to music or even just to read. Most coffee houses do quite well if the owner is in tune with what consumers are looking for.

Within our culture, this wonderful drink is accepted by the socially affluent and is quite possibly down right “hip.” And, of course, coffee houses can be very profitable, even for the independent owners of such establishments. Many people are afraid of attempting this type of business as an independent venture because they feel larger companies, such as the Starbucks coffee company, will overshadow their efforts. But, others feel that the “mom and pop” style businesses are actually helped by this type of franchise.

There were many reports during 2007 that stated independent coffee house owners were seeing a huge increase in business profits, despite of, or maybe because of, the larger conglomerates. The reasoning is about the cost of these drinks. Americans continually thirst for these gourmet, flavored coffees and they are obviously willing to pay some very high prices for their java fix.

Yet if the coffee shop next door has got pretty much the same thing and it is less expensive then they will almost always get the business. To back up these claims it has been reported that around 90% of those start-ups did succeed and continue to thrive.

The National Coffee Association indicates that well over 150 to 200 million consumers consume this drink every day and close to 65 million more will occasionally drink it. They say that if you base it on the average drinking habits of consumers, then multiple cups of hot coffee will be consumed every day, which then results in literally millions of cups of it being consumed every day. There certainly is no lack of people who want to buy coffee.

Now may be the perfect time to take advantage of this huge demand for this wonderful drink and gourmet coffee by starting your own business. You do have choices available depending upon what you want out of the venture. You can purchase an established franchise, benefiting from a proven track record or you can start your own coffee shop and really build your business from the ground up, which for some is the only way to go.

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