We can’t predict the best accessory for any game system. And the Nintendo DS is no exception to this rule. We’re not talking about games here. Games are easy to predict. We know what we like, be it a puzzle game or a first person shooter… No brainer for the most of us. What we can’t possibly know is what extra accessory or add on will really make a difference. Sure, we get cases and protectors to ensure that we keep out NDS systems free from dust and scratches. But we’re talking about more than that.

And accessory that really stands out has to change the way we use our console. It has to make us rethink just what our game system can do for us, and what we can do with our game system. Now that’s a pretty lofty expectation for any game accessory. One that can’t really be met by many accessories on the market, for any system. But there are those few third party add ons that make us say WOW, and take notice. That make us revisit how we use our game system and what we use our game system for.

For the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi consoles, there really is only one accessory that stands above and beyond the other me too products out there. The third party add on I’m talking about here is the R4 DS Card. The R4 DS card truly as an accessory like no other. Most accessories allow us to protect our game console. Change its colors, let us enhance it by adding one single function. The R4 DS card on the other hand does a whole lot more. Not only does it enhance the Nintendo DS. It actually makes you re-think how you may want to use your Nintendo DS console.

Once you have your R4 DS Card, you’ll no longer just think of your NDS as a gaming system. You won’t look to it just to play the latest Nintendo DS game. You’ll actually look at it like a fully portable multi media system. YOu see, with the R4 DS Card, you’ll not only be able to play games on your NDS, you will also be able to watch movies… Any movies, you just have to put them on a MicroSD Card that you can put into your R4 DS Card. You can also use the NDS as a portable iPod / Mp3 Player, because the R4 DS will allow you to store your latest and greatest MP3 Songs right on it, and enable you to listen to them on your Nintendo DS. Do you have a lot digital photos you want to show off to your family and friends? No problem. The R4 DS Card has you covered. You can put all of your digital photos on the microSD card, and take them with you on the go.

Now, if it all stopped here. The R4 DS Card would already be the LAST third part accessory you’d ever think of buying. But it just keeps getting better. With the new eBook craze, people are running out to buy the newest eBook reader, just to be able to read their eBooks on the go. But with the R4 DS Card and your Nintendo DS / DS Lite, you already have an eBook reader right in your pocket. With the included Moonshell software, your R4 DS Card will allow you read your favorite eBooks (In txt format) right on your Nintendo DS screen. Not just one book. You can actually store hundreds, if not thousands, of book right on one card. It all depends on the size of the microSD card you have with your R4 DS Card.

To sum up. When you add the R4 DS Card to your Nintendo DS. You turn your Nintendo DS into something so much more than just a portable game player. You’ll have a full blown portable MP3 player, Movie player, eBook reader and digital photo frame, all in one little unit that fits in the palm of your hand. And at under $ 20.00, how could you possible resist?

If you would like to find out more about the R4 DS Card and how it can completely change the way you use your Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite by visiting the official North American distributor for the R4 DS Card at