Obtaining a Nintendo Wii has been a daunting task for many consumers since the console was introduced. Simply put, the supply has not even touched the demand and the console continues to be a hot item of which there is simply not enough of the units to reach a seemingly insatiable demand. The console sells for $ 249.99 and there have always been an army of buyers that cannot wait to pull out their wallets and throw down the money to buy a Nintendo Wii console, if they can simply get their hands on one.

So how does the average buyer score one of these hot systems? As you can imagine, many gamers have relied on faithful gaming outlets and department stores to buy the consoles. However, most of the stores have a serious difficulty keeping the consoles in stock and some department stores have decided not even to stock the console because it causes such chaos with daily calls from desperate buyers and scrambles to get one of the last pearl colored fun-in-a-box. So where does that leave desperate buyers in search of a place to buy a Nintendo Wii Console?

The next obvious choice is online shopping, where customers can buy a Nintendo Wii console from the comfort of their own home without having to take part in the rat race that is buying one of these rare units. One of the top two online destinations for purchasing the Nintendo wii is and At Amazon, you pay a fixed price for the console plus shipping, whereas at you take your chances at bidding and trusting that the seller will actually follow through and send you your item.

With everything considered, where is the best place to buy a Nintendo Wii console? The top choice for desperate buyers to get their hands on a Nintendo Wii is likely the eBay game, as a lucky buyer can sometimes score a console for cheaper than they are in the stores and if they purchase a used console, they can usually get a good deal that includes extra accessories and some games.

If you don’t have an ebay account, you can usually get setup with one and completely active within a half hour. It is also good to spend some time getting acquainted with the ebay site so it is understood how everything works. Ebay has a great “getting started” guide that can have the Wii buyer ready to make their first purchase very quickly.

Just a word of caution, the Nintendo Wii buyer would do well to heavily check up on the seller of a Nintendo Wii before they bid. This checking should include checking the sellers feedback and how long they have been with eBay. The majority of ebay sellers are honest good people that simply use ebay as a marketplace to unload their new and used goods. But as with everything, there are a few bad apples. It really is not hard to get your hands on a Nintendo Wii if you are smart about it and know where to buy a Nintendo Wii console.

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