As the storage challenges are increasing more rapidly advanced and improved data tapes are developed with massive storage data capacities, fast reliable speeds and better protection for a very long time for a period. The Sony LTO Ultrium also improved with many generations with different storage capacities, speed according to increasing demand of storage requirements for the last 12 years or so. First Sony LTX100G tape offer storage capacity of 100GB, Sony LTO2 200GB, LTX400GWW 400GB and Sony LTO 4 offers massive 800GB with remarkable double compressed storage capacity with 2:1 compression rate. Every generation of Sony LTO Ultrium tape format gradually improved with release according to the LTO consortium commitment and standards. Sony has six decades experience in magnetic tape manufacturing with many inventions of new technologies in the magnetic tape field. Sony has now extended its smart and brilliant generation of LTO Ultrium to next generation Sony LTO 5 tape, and with this advancement the magnetic tape future looks much brighter than ever.

This standard of the LTO Ultrium explain a list arrangement on magnetic tape that make possible submission and autonomous right to use the very important data on magnetic Sony LTO5, tape. Through massive and significantly increase in data storage capacity as well highest data transfer speed with more reliability and data protection and most remarkable Sony next generation of LTO Ultrium Open technology. This Sony LTO-5, cartridge able to store up more than 1.5TB native and 3.0TB with compressed data on the same compact size, half inch tape with increased 846M long tape. Sony improved its recording density with outstanding enhanced coating techniques, which makes surface smoothing and Sony also used most advanced smaller and thinner ultra fine metal particles in order to get this massive data storage capacity not in GB but first time in Terabytes digits. Which is undoubtedly impressive in all means of standards.

The Sony has also improved reel hub design that upholds an idyllic gap flanked by the tape edge in addition to the reel flange to make sure procedure constancy. The improved and better reel hub and LTO 5 Ultrium tape drive rotary motion axes throughout function will give users composure when by means of Sony LTO5 tape, in any branded LTO Ultrium 5 tape drive. The Sony excellent servo system which is patented by Sony technology improved accurate and stable read and write ability and show reliable performance, despite massive increased in data track 1,280 compared to Sony LTX800G 896 servo system offers excellent and brilliant tracking functions.

Sony LTO5 tapes, also improved data protection with WORM and AES data encryption. The WORM (Write Once Read Many) function offers reliable data security and prevents overwriting, alternation and data erasing without permission. Sony offers WORM cartridge along with RW (Original) cartridge. The WORM function has become part since the Sony LTX400G tapes. A hardware based AES 256-bit data encryption function also offers reliable stability of data during very fast and tough data transaction to Sony LTO LTX1500G, cartridges. The data encryption protects data from loss and offers reliable perfect path during the data load and unload.

Sony LTX1500G LTO 5 the most advanced and well confined magnetic tape format with massive storing data and full protection of archival.

All the brands of LTO Ultrium 5 with WORM and RW cartridges are available at

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