PlayStation 3 controllers are used to take the actions in this popular consoles games. Sony previously released the SIXAXIS as the official PlayStation 3 controller. It is a wireless controller that has many different options.

Recently, the SIXAXIS design was a breakthrough in controller design. Using sensors designed to read when a player angles, tilts, thrusts, or pulls, the SIXAXIS controller allows game play to become a natural extension of the player’s body.

It is currently being phased out of the market of gaming and will be replaced by yet another Dual Shock controller. The Dual Shock 3 has yet to be released in this 2008 summer season and will be formally introduced as the official PlayStation 3 controller.

PlayStation 3 Controllers: The features

Newer controllers for the PlayStation use Bluetooth technology but also have the option of being connected to a PC and can be charged with a mini USB cable. USB Charging

is done automatically the controller through the system at any time. (Using any one of the four USB connectors on the PlayStation 3.)

The batteries in the controllers have an estimated running time of around 30 hours. The batteries are the newer lithium ion type.

These PlayStation 3 controllers are similar in design to the Dual Shock controller design that as been used since the first PlayStation device came out.

This means that the controls have the standard 2 pads in the front of the controllers with two thumb sticks on top. The usual six buttons for movement and controlling the characters have been retained. The console can have up to seven controllers at a time.

The new controllers for the are very light. Some critics are quick to comment and criticize as having a cheap feel. The lack of weight can be important for those who will play on the PlayStation for many hours without a break.

These newer controllers will eventually feel comfortable as your arms and hands get used to using them.

Sony announced that because of the included motion sensors, the vibration feature of previous PlayStation controllers was removed, stating that the vibration would interfere with motion-sensing. The so called rumble feature reacts when your character in the game gets hit or when there is a lot of movement in the game.

These PlayStation 3 controllers allow the players a uniquely large range of movements and options. Combination’s of different moves are sure to happen, as many new gamers using the PlayStation are sure to be comfortable using the new design of the controllers.

The Playstation 3 controller is constantly evolving to change with the new and more elaborate games available. Hopefully it will move into the more virtual game where the controls with react faster, in real time, and appear as part of you body. Maybe a glove or movements change with your body movement, like the Nintendo Wii

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