Nintendo DS is a video game console which can be handheld and is developed by the world class manufacturer Nintendo. This video game console Nintendo DS is very famous among the game lovers of the world and the company has only one competitor to compete with it and it is Sony Play station. Nintendo DS was released in Canada, US and Japan for the very first time in the year 2004. Nintendo DS has a clamshell design which is similar to the Game boy Advance version and has two LCD screens inside it with one being the touch screen.

Nintendo DS game console has excellent features and is the fastest selling console in the world being the most favourite among the users. All the technology used in this video game console is new and latest with some excellent features which make the Nintendo DS easy to use for the users. Those who start playing with Nintendo DS cannot stop playing especially young boys for whom the game is their favourite than any other play.

Nintendo DS has a built in microphone and supports all the standards of Wi-Fi so that the players can interact with each other in short range. Nintendo DS also has the online Wi-Fi connection service which was launched later. In North America this was the very first video game console of Nintendo to get released. The dual screen is a unique feature in DS and it was referred as the developer’s system because of this distinct feature developed by the developer team of Nintendo.

In the year 2006 Nintendo released Nintendo DS Lite which was the redesign of the DS game console. The later model is slimmer than DS and is also lighter enough to carry easily anywhere. But America Nintendo refers to DS to be the original model of DS as “Original Style”.

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