Are you an avid lover of Nintendo DS games? If so, you already know that in order to play them you need DS games, each of which comes on a Flash card. And, unfortunately, due to the diminutive nature of the Flash card, its very easy to lose them. Thats why you may want to consider another alternative: implementing a Nintendo DS roms download.

Right now you might ask: How do Nintendo DS Roms work? Basically, a Nintendo DS rom is a copy of a regular DS game. To play it, you will need firmware. The DS rom is stored on a Flash card. The big avantage of a Flash card is that it can old a lot more than regular DS games cards.

In case you have no idea what I am talking about: a regular DS Flash card stores one game. But if you get DS firmware you can store numerous games on one Flash card. You can increase the storage capacity even more by buying a 32-gig-micros SD card.

But the benefits dont end there. With a Nintendo DS roms download, you can have access to fan-based games that you wouldnt normally see on store shelves. Sometimes this includes fan-based translations; Japanese DS games that, (for whatever reason), never reached the U.S. Other times they include GBA or Gameboy games that have been converted to allow for play on a DS.

But it does not end here. You will also be able to play full length movies on your Nintendo DS. It is hard to believe, but no additional hardware is required. The firmware does it all. All you need to do is find a movie in the DS Rom format and you are ready to go.

So if you are a DS enthusiast you definitely need to take your DS experience to a whole new level by downloading Nintendo DS roms. DS roms are easy to find on the internet. The only thing you should be aware aware of is staying away from Nintendo DS scam sites. So be careful from where you download your Nintendo DS roms.

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