Today computer market is no longer dominated by Intel and this can only be a good thing. While Intel certainly has product recognition going for them they also have the stigma of being associated with incredibly high prices.

It was no surprise then when other processor manufacturers started making a name for themselves who while still producing quality products cut the cost of buying decent high powered processor chips by an extreme amount.

Cheap budget AMD 2200+ Athlon XP Black is a kind of computer system we should go for if you value both speed and performance at a place. Today, it is distributed by a popular online marketer of best computer packages.

There are many other companies like Intel, Motorola who has been involved in this competitive market. Intel is one such company but I would hasten to say that they are not just any company. AMD have made a name for them in the best way.

Many system users like me would agree that processors are quite simply better and it is more often than not the case that once you have gone AMD you never look at another brand.

In my opinion there are two types of computer users in the world: Intel users and AMD users. I do not want to talk out of place but it has been my experience that these same categories can also be classified as people who know computers and people that do not.

The vast majority of Intel users are people who do not know that much about their system. Chances are they bought their system from a high street chain store or a larger place and they went with whatever the salesman told them was the most popular system or the best system at the moment.

This of course has nothing to do whatsoever with the system being their most expensive product and he will get a sales fee for flogging the computer packages. The AMD user however is quite different. They fall into many categories including the gamer, the designer, the programmer etc.

What sets the typical system user aside from the typical Intel user however is that a fairly high percentage of AMD users build their own systems and would never pay the over inflated prices that computer store chains charge?

As such the AMD user is looking for quality, speed, reliability and lower costs and this is where the AMD ATHLON XP 2200+ comes into play.

It is not a 2200 MHz chip but is in fact an 1800 MHz chip. Why AMD have named their chips in such a way is anyone guess but when you read the full title of the product (AMD ATHLON XP 2200+ [1.80 GHz] 266HMZ FSB 384KB CACHE 3DNOW PRO THOROUGHBRED CORE) it does state quite plainly that it is in fact a 1.80 GHz (1800 MHz) processor.

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