Within our human fascinations there is both the desire and the hesitation to believe in psychic ability. Everyone has some sense of intuition and whether or not a person believes in a Divine/Higher Power or a supernatural realm is not really an indicator of whether a psychic ability exists or not. Developing and training can enhance the natural, basic psychic abilities that are common, but usually latent, in most people as a result of formal education, logic and developmental stages in life.

The popular notions, and even the hope of real life psychic abilities manifests in how many television shows and popular movies capitalize on the suggestions of the most common or fantastic psychic abilities. The 2009 box office hit Push (Channing Tatum/Dakota Fanning) put a very specific complement of psychic abilities on the silver screen, while actually affirming the premise that these abilities are natural and able to be developed. The equally popular NBC series Heroes does the same thing, also highlighting the use of abilities for good or villainous purposes.

In our scientifically oriented Western culture, the possibility of supernatural, psychic abilities seem like only the fantasies of Hollywood filmmakers. Sometimes this media flurry obscures the real understandings available from metaphysics or parapsychology about human abilities. However, many real life people from all backgrounds in fact experience some degree of psychic ability, whether they understand it fully or not.

Types of Psychic Abilities

The most common real life forms of psychic ability manifest in variations of clarity.

Clairvoyance – literally from French “clear seeing,” is the ability to see beyond the physical realm, either in visions, symbolic images or with the mind’s eye. Clairvoyant sight is usually about present occurrences in other locations, but not future predictions.

Clairaudience clear hearing – hearing what others cannot, frequently from an internal voice or spirit guide.

Clairsentience clear feeling – the ability to accurately read or sense the feelings of people or situations around you.

Other forms of psychic abilities include:

Psychic Intuition, a strong “gut feeling” about something that is going to happen or is true in a situation that you would not know by previous information

Precognition, which is definite knowledge about something that will happen in the future, most frequently comes through dreams and other non-sensory means. It differs from a premonition, which is only a sense that something may occur. Deep relationships can intensify precognitive visions due to close connection with the person something may happen to. Precognitive visions can be influenced by human actions to change the occurrence.

Telepathy, mind reading or hearing people’s thoughts at a distance, is far less common than other psychic senses.

Telekinesis, also much more rare in real life, is moving, bending or twisting objects with your mind.

Using Psychic Abilities

Developing a psychic ability starts with learning to meditate, clear one’s mind and tune into non-physical senses or awareness of the supernatural realm. A daily discipline of meditation and noting whenever a sense or sight comes to you, helps you recognize and cultivate your psychic abilities, should you desire to use them more.

When using psychic abilities for prediction, it helps to verify them for reliability. Any psychic prediction should be written down in pen and dated. Predictions can be published in an online forum or even notarized so a third party sees the prediction and its date. This prevents fraudulent claims or refutes accusations that a particular prediction was documented after the fact of the occurring event.

Additionally, writing down predictions assists with recording their accuracy, affirming the skills of the psychic, calling for more training or exposing a fraudulent imitation. Checking psychic predictions for specificity is also helpful. Certainly, not all predictions are date and time explicit, but a too general phrase like “expect conflict with your lover,” does not indicate use of a true psychic ability.

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